Kashimashi Over…..Kinda….Not Really….

Well Kashimashi episode 12 came out, which is supposedly the last episode. Won’t comment on the actual episode because I will blog Kashimashi very soon even though it’s finished. The thing is though that there is going to be a 13th episode that comes out with the last dvd. The last episode did leave some things that may have been left to interpretation so this new real last episode should clear things up.

Although that sounds all nice and good, the 13th episode won’t be out untill about fall of 2006 or around then depending on how fast they release the dvds. Seeing as how Kashimashi is now upcoming it will be moved from the page “Currently Airing” to “Looking Forward To”. Although this change seems odd it makes sense in this situation.

My Plan

Ok, so this is my first real post if you don’t count, which you shouldn’t, all the test posts I had when making this. This is my plan for what I’m going to be blogging in the near future.


Since the new spring season just started I will probably be bloging a lot of those. Utawaremono, Ah! My Goddess Season 2, School Rumble Ni Gakki, and Soul Link. I will probably also be blogging Fate/Stay Night and Kasimasi even those two have been going for a bit, still not too late too start. Regarding AMG and School Rumble, I will probably be going back at a later time and blogging their first seasons, but only after the second.

I won’t just be blogging the new shows, but also some of my favorite older shows. I’m not sure which ones I’ll do, I might even randomly pick some from my favorites to do.

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