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Ok, this is a list of all the PVC figures I have. I don’t count any crappy action figure things that I might have, but just the PVC figures. The lighting isn’t too good and the camera isn’t either, I may go back and re shoot some of these.

For more pictures, just click the figure’s picture to go to it’s individual post and you can see all the pictures.

Regular Photoshoots:

Special Photoshoots:

Upcoming Photoshoots (Figures I Currently Have But Haven’t Taken Pictures Of):

Max Factory Suzumiya Haruhi

Max Factory Asahina Mikuru

Max Factory Nagato Yuki

Max Factory Asakura Ryoko

Max Factory Tsuruya

Max Factory Tsukimiya Ayu

Goodsmile Company Akihime Sumomo

Kotobukiya Swimsuit Shana

Alter Reinforce Zwei

Max Factory Djibril Aries

Chara-Ani Iriya

Alter Yagami Hayate

Alter Teana Lanstar

Alter Signum

Alter Vita

Nendoroid Haruhi

Nendoroid Konata & Kagami Fate/Stay Night Cosplay

Nendoroid Konata Comptiq Ver.

Nendoroid Kagami Comptiq Ver.

Nendoroid Sumomo

Nendoroid Primula

Nendoroid Shana

Nendoroid Pastel Ink

Nendoroid Hatsune Miku

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