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Site On Undetermined Hiatus – Farewell

I’ve been running this site for several years now. I’ve always enjoyed it even without thousands of viewers or comments, its been a great way to simply keep myself involved in watching the latest anime and thinking about them critically. However, as is apparent from my latest post before this being so long ago, I’ve been very pressed for time and no longer are able to keep it going. I loved running the site, but simply don’t have time any more so figured I should stop leaving it inactive and unsure like this and actually make up my mind.

You can follow me on Twitter @Xeby_chan and I will continue to post some things such as figure and dollfie photography on under username Xebek. Or, you can always contact me via the methods listed under Contact Us.

Thank you all again for your time, running this site has been a lot of fun and I feel its too bad i don’t have time anymore, but I’ll still be doing what I can via the methods above. Thanks again.

I’m Back From My Absence – Posts To Come Soon – Convention Report

Well hello everyone. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to post anything but I have a good reason and I want to share that with everyone, and let you know things will be back on track very soon. See I was quite busy these past two weeks, mainly the first week and the weekend, and this last week I was just recovering from. What was I busy with you may ask? Well that’s a good question, yet kind of stupid because I just told you I was going to tell you about it.

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Happy Birthday FlareKnight

Some might call it odd to make a post wishing yourself a happy birthday, but oh well! I really feel my birthday is a good point for reflection over what has happened the past year. Not to mention it lines up well with anime because my blogging here started in the fall season last year. Quite a bit has happened over the past year. But there is no doubt I’m glad to have helped blogging here since it’s only increased my interest in anime and wanting to express those thoughts better. So while I’m a year older want to say thank you to everyone who has read and commented to my posts.

So hopefully there will be many more birthdays celebrated on the site as the years go by. Not to worry though, I will be adding some actual anime related posts quite soon. As the character above are making clear it’s time to enjoy some cake.

A Third Official Cospa Hinagiku Dakimakura Coming Out

I was very surprised to see this online, at several places that carry anime goods. This is the third, official Cospa dakimakura of Hinagiku. She is far more popular then I had imagined. I mean, there is of course a Nagi and Maria dakimakura, then a Hina one to match them, with the same kind of attire, but then there are two more Hina pillows, one with a slightly open Kendo uniform and the other in a very scantily clad maid outfit. I thought that would be enough, I mean that’s two covers she is getting when the others only have one, and some characters still don’t have any….like Isumi….But then, I run across this fairly new one. And this isn’t even one of the many fan made copies you may find out there with dozens of different pictures, its an official Cospa release.

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Back From Vacation – Pictures of Nodoka With the Monuments

Well, as the title of this post says I am back from my vacation. It was very fun and I saw and went to many museums. I had a good time. As I mentioned in my post announcing I was going, I took my Nodoka plush with me to take pictures of in front of the various monuments and sites, which I indeed did do. I’ll share those pictures, but first some of the vacation highlights.

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Heading On Vacation

Well, as the title says I’m just about to head on vacation. In fact as I’m writing this, at 2am, I’m hours away from having to leave for the airport, having yet to pack anything. I’m going with my family to Washington D.C. for a whole week over the 4th of July. I have no idea what we’ll actually do other than just visit museums, but it at least should be a good change of pace from normal boring stuff that happens.

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Twitter & Flickr – Xebek & Scott’s Information

I’ve always wanted to use programs like Twitter and Flickr, yet up till now I haven’t very much. Now that I have a much more capable phone in which I can use Twitter and Flickr more, I’ve decided to…well…use it more. I figured a good jump start to using both more, probably Twitter more than the other, would be posting my information here so anyone who reads can follow me or just check it out.

I figured it would be good to not only make this post about my information, but mention another writer here’s information. Scottfrye has been using twitter a hell of a lot more than me so I figured I’d put his information here as well as mine. If you want you can follow either of us on twitter or flickr, as we both have accounts. Scott doesn’t use flickr much, but uses twitter a lot, and I’m planning on using both, twitter a lot and flickr for some of my figure pictures. Anyways, if anyone wants to follow us, I encourage it, especially as I have practically zero followers on twitter and would love for more, enough for people to maybe actually comment on stuff.

Xebek’s Twitter & Flickr Information:

Twitter: Xebek
Flickr: Xeby-chan

Scottfrye’s Twitter & Flickr Information:

Twitter: scottfrye
Flickr: scottfrye

Anyways, that’s pretty much it. Flare isn’t a big user of either site so he’s not included, but if you want to add and follow either me or Scott, here is our information. Feel free to post yours here too for anyone who reads and wants to communicate with us at the site and others who read it.

Happy Birthday Xebek

It’s always nice to celebrate a birthday. Get to reflect on how busy things have been over the course of a year and you get cake. Personally I’m a fan of them for the cake, but I suppose it’s a different experience for everyone.

So decided to make this post to wish Xebek a happy birthday. At least this was said before the day was over. I hope that Xebek will enjoy what is left of the day.

New Writer?


Why, yes there is a new writer joining the site. He is none other than scottfrye (hi there). I think most people know me from my former blog, AnimeLife. That site is now gone but I’m here to add some spice to this blog. I was asked to come aboard to write some editorial and non-episodic stuff. Xebek basically asked: “Could you please save my blog?” I said (boldly): “Why, yes. I will save your blog from the monotony of episodic posting.” (That’s not really how it happened but let’s just say that it did.) Really, it was more like put up or shut up but in a nicer tone.

Moving on, let me formally introduce myself. My name is Scott (aka scottfrye) and as I said I will be here to write some of the non-episodic and editorial posts. I’m from the southeastern US and I’ve been watching anime for about 10 years now. I guess you could say that I’ve seen alot of anime (see my Anime List) but there is still so much more to be seen. Anyways, I would say that my favorite genres are slice-of-life (more specifically iyashikei), comedy, scifi and yuri. I like to spend my free time watching anime, reading anime & tech blogs, occasionally playing a video game, and occasionally reading manga.

Hopefully, I can live up to everyone’s expectations and write some good stuff. I will try my best. Not sure I will out write Xebek and FlareKnight, due to mass amounts of episodic posts they do, but I will try to help add to the site. Here’s to a better blog!

Pictures – New Desktop, Monitor, And My Whole Anime Filled Room

About a week or so ago I got a new giant monitor for my desktop and decided that it would be a good chance to show it off along with the rest of my stuff, so I decided to give everyone a peek at my room, saturated with electronics and anime. In the past couple of months I’ve gotten quite a lot of new things that I want to show off, which you will soon see. More then just the pictures I’ll go into a bit more detail on them in paragraphs with the pictures, so lets get started shall we?
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