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Hidan no Aria – Final Impressions

It’s hard to say much about this show mainly because it just seems so unfinished. There were so many aspects to it they were throwing out there only to have the show end rather soon, hardly covering any of these issues. I felt that while the show wasn’t the greatest, it had a lot of potential. Sure some of the potential was a bit wasted in what they have shown already, so a great show isn’t guaranteed by a continuation of the story but overall I think there might be some promise for this show if they could just get to some of the bigger and deeper issues that were interesting, just not explored.

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Hidan no Aria – Things Are Heating Up

I was quite surprised at this latest episode of Hidan no Aria. At first the show seemed interesting, but nothing that would be spectacular. I figured it would keep a relatively slow pace, having the two main characters just solving random cases together, not making progress relationship wise until the last two episodes where they would finally deal with something related to a bigger plot, however the recent episode really shook things up and shows some hope that if things continue like this, the show will be far more.

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Hidan no Aria – First Impressions

I quite liked the first few episodes of this series, one of the better ones this season (though that’s not saying much) the premise itself seems to be unique enough to be interesting and of course Kujimiya’s voice for the main heroine doesn’t hurt things either. It seems to have an interesting set up and that alone makes me want to watch more and the characters are interesting but perhaps a bit over the top.

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