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.hack//G.U. & Roots Overall Review Part II – Story

Well this is the second and final part of my overall review of G.U. This also heavily includes Roots because of how tightly bonded with G.U. it is. I will direct all comments about G.U. to this post unless it specifically talks about a character, which will go in the first half of the review, or about Returner, which will obviously go there.

I’m not quite going to say as much as I did in my “What .hack Means to Me” post here: but truly, G.U. was great. There were so many things that were all mingled together, everything mixed together made his just amazingly enjoyable and I loved it. The game was truly made by the characters, the story, and how everything came together.

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.hack//G.U. & Roots Overall Review Part I – Characters

“We the players make this world what it is”

Ok, as I briefly mentioned before I’m breaking up my overall impressions and thoughts on Roots and G.U. into two posts, because of how long it may be. This post is going to solely be about the characters taking a look at most individually and my thoughts on them. The second half of my impressions will pretty much be about everything else, and will come soon.

Please limit comments on this post to about the actual characters, the next post will be an overall view where I want all the general this game was awesome or I’m an idiot and don’t understand and other comments about the story and overall Roots and G.U. I want to go.

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