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Dantalian no Shoka – First Impressions

I generally tend to play it pretty safe lately as far as what anime I pick up to watch. In other words, going with the anime that isn’t likely to be spectacular, just something that is good, funny, and a clichéd story. Now, I still very much enjoy those anime, the typical school/romance/comedy can be very good no matter how many times its done, if done right, but watching the first episode of Dantalian makes me wish I took a few more chances. Dantalian really drew me in with the first episode. I’m not sure how it’ll turn out, what exactly the overall plot will be like or anything like that but so far it has me interested in finding out.

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Hanasaku Iroha – So Little Going On, Yet So Interesting

It’s a bit hard to say much about this show. Not because it isn’t good or that it isn’t interesting. In fact I like it quite a bit. The reason it’s a bit hard to say much about it is that while the show is interesting, it’s interesting in a rather plain way. It’s nothing new for a slice of life anime like this to focus on mundane things. There are quite a lot of different things a slice of life can focus on from romance, to family problems and drama, work, etc. While to some degree this show has those things, it doesn’t take them too far. The show is not some drama fest about these horrible events and how bad someone’s life is. The show isn’t filled with anguish, betrayal and trying to get through hard points in life. The show is about life, not the specific things about it that might make for an engaging story, but the whole thing which I think is great.

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Hanasaku Iroha – First Impressions

I didn’t really think this show was going to be much more than a standard slice of life/comedy anime. Sure slice of life always has this element of real life drama, that’s what the genre itself, means almost but this show surprised me. So far I would even say it’s my favorite show of the new season. There is just something about the focus of the show that has a kind of fresh feel. It may be because I haven’t seen many other slice of life anime for a while, maybe all the other anime recently of its kind have just been horrible but something about this show really hit it off with me and I love it.

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