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Gundam 00 2nd Season – First Impressions

Definitely great to have Gundam back once again. Though could keep distracted with other series for the interim it is a nice thing to see these units in action again. They really got things moving quickly this time with a lot of events happening. Probably one of the most impressive is Exia’s terminator look. It didn’t get to last very long, but definitely made for an exciting episode. Saji and Louise get important roles at the start moving from their bystander positions. Louise having some serious problems has joined the A-LAWS which is almost a secret police kind of entity. Saji on the other hand was found by Setsuna after being falsely accused of being part of an anti-federation group called Kataron. His future is certainly in question, but would appear to be aligned with Celestial Being.

This was definitely an excellent way to start off the season. Getting a ton of action from the start and finding out the situation of the world. If the series can keep this kind of feeling going it will be a good series. Likely in the coming episodes we will start gathering more people to join Celestial Being and find out more about the factions at work in the world. Lockon’s twin for better or worse is being brought into the group to replace his brother. Also have to deal with Allelujah being locked up in some prison.

To Aru Majutsu – First Impressions

I’ll say right here this show has the best OP of the season so far. Along with the powers involved in the show gives off a kind of Shana feel. At the very least the song is great and the images going along with it give a very good feeling for the series overall. If the rest of the show follows through like this one should make it easy to make a post every few weeks about it.

The male lead for this one is the lord of bad luck Touma. No really the guys hand has the ability to cancel out powerful abilities and affect his luck by contact with the air. So unfortunately for him he ends up stepping on phones, debit cards, and in the OP slipping on a can. He’s a pretty strong male lead so far with confidence in his ability though complains about his bad luck quite often. He is a nice guy as well going out of his way to try and save some delinquents who were messing with the wrong girl. Sadly it didn’t go well and they started chasing after him. Though this girl who we find out later to be named Mikoto took care of them anyways. A person with electrical abilities and knows how to fire off a coin following the rail gun principle. Since Touma could negate her ability she ends up following him around in this episode and that could continue through the series.

Index, as the heroine for this series was a pretty unique character. Found by Touma hanging off the railing and apparently can eat food that’s gone bad. Possessing 103,000 grimoires has apparently made her a pretty big target. A pretty strange personality being comical at one moment, but able to show a serious side as well. Clearly the girl has been through some tough situations after being chased for who knows how long. Though by the end of this episode it’s pretty clear that Touma is going to get dragged into it.

Some pretty funny moments overall made this easy to watch. The effect of Touma’s right hand on Index’s clothes is pretty funny in itself. Does a good job of mixing the comedy with the serious moments that come up in this episode. Looks like this will be a solid series for people to watch.

FlareKnight Arrives

Well hello to everyone. I am pretty excited about the chance to help out on this blog. After following anime for several years, I’ve gained a lot of respect for the many parts of the industry. Simply put I’m a fan hailing from Canada. Enjoy my anime and my hockey though obviously anime will be what I’m posting about.The one series that brought me into anime was Slayers. Still one of the better dubs I’ve seen. After that saw some more series over here and then started to search online for them. Now I’m following several series during any season and as some know from the site posting some fairly lengthy responses on blogs and forums.

Similar to Xebek am pretty interested in video games and it’s not that unusual to get lost in a good game. Though combined with school there is a pretty good conflict on which takes priority. Still will be doing my best to put the anime series I’ll be covering on the top of the list. I am hoping to bring my own perspective to things. Also hope to give some interesting ideas to chew on and to make it worthwhile to read.