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Hidan no Aria – First Impressions

I quite liked the first few episodes of this series, one of the better ones this season (though that’s not saying much) the premise itself seems to be unique enough to be interesting and of course Kujimiya’s voice for the main heroine doesn’t hurt things either. It seems to have an interesting set up and that alone makes me want to watch more and the characters are interesting but perhaps a bit over the top.

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Puella Magi Madoka Magica – Theories Before The Finale

Hiii everyone, Puella Magi Xeby-chan here filling in for Xebek. Because we love Puella Magi Madoka Magica so much and it has been talked about so much we wanted to put together a list of theories and our thoughts on the show before the airing of the final two episodes in a couple of hours, so here they are!

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Freezing – First Impressions

Well looks like I forgot to post this when I actually finished the series, so here it is now. The reason I probably forgot to post anything about it was probably due to the fact that it wasn’t very good…at all. There are some anime that have this physics in place such as a missed punch will cause someone’s top to shred into multiple pieces which this anime falls under however that alone doesn’t mean the series has to be bad, but in this case it was. Sometimes you can take a show like that at what it is, accept that aspect, and enjoy other parts of it. However if you ignore that aspect for this show it still comes up short.

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Dragon Crisis – Final Impressions

I wasn’t expecting much from this anime, and it’s a good thing too because there wasn’t much to it in the end. The series was little more than these small little adventures and unrelated incidents, and then the bigger plot points they did have fell apart or weren’t very important. At least Rose became articulate though, and wasn’t refined to Pokémon syndrome of only saying her name, so it helped make her character better but the main problem was just that there wasn’t much going on in the show.

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