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My Plan

Ok, so this is my first real post if you don’t count, which you shouldn’t, all the test posts I had when making this. This is my plan for what I’m going to be blogging in the near future.


Since the new spring season just started I will probably be bloging a lot of those. Utawaremono, Ah! My Goddess Season 2, School Rumble Ni Gakki, and Soul Link. I will probably also be blogging Fate/Stay Night and Kasimasi even those two have been going for a bit, still not too late too start. Regarding AMG and School Rumble, I will probably be going back at a later time and blogging their first seasons, but only after the second.

I won’t just be blogging the new shows, but also some of my favorite older shows. I’m not sure which ones I’ll do, I might even randomly pick some from my favorites to do.