This is the finally updated About Page. If you want to know anything about the site or the authors that write for it, this page is where you’ll find the information. As for information about this site in general, well there’s not a lot to say, it is as you see it on the main page. We have various kind of posts form those that follow individual series, to ones that talk about figures and general anime editorial subjects. As for the individual authors:


Favorite Genre: Drama-Romance

Well, this is me. I started this site a couple/several years ago by myself pretty much mainly doing episode by episode reviews of currently running series. I branched out a little bit into some other posts, but never really had the time until Xeby showed up. I am a BIG figure collector, as I have over fifty now and counting. I will try and do more figure posts, as I obviously am involved in that aspect of anime, as well as following the series running.


Favorite Genre: Mahou Shoujo

HI ALL! It’s me, Xeby-chan. As some of you may know I am an eight-year-old loli who is an alternate persona of Xebek. I appeared and started writing for this site a while ago and mainly handle everything that Xebek doesn’t. While he does the posts that focus on individual anime series, I do more editorial posts, doing Character Profiles posts and other general editorials that I come across. I’m also the gamer amongst the two of us as I made Xebek buy me the parts for a 2k dollar gaming PC that I built. I’m here to add all the loli fun you want from the site.


Favorite Genre: Action

I certainly never expected myself to be involved in blogging about anime a few years ago. It was a slow progression from getting interested in the dubs that aired when I was younger to finding that I could track down these series as they were being aired in Japan. After I started to find those it wasn’t long before I was watching a ton of series every season. It was nice to find blogs like Xebek’s and to have a place to talk about the series. After hitting the site with long comments I started to talk more with Xebek and was eventually invited to start blogging. Will try to have my posts reflect what interests me in these series. My plan is to write about the story arcs and how characters have developed within them. Also since fights in series get my attention will be trying to talk more about those and why they stand out. As always will enjoy writing for those who have also been drawn into anime.

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