Site On Undetermined Hiatus – Farewell

I’ve been running this site for several years now. I’ve always enjoyed it even without thousands of viewers or comments, its been a great way to simply keep myself involved in watching the latest anime and thinking about them critically. However, as is apparent from my latest post before this being so long ago, I’ve been very pressed for time and no longer are able to keep it going. I loved running the site, but simply don’t have time any more so figured I should stop leaving it inactive and unsure like this and actually make up my mind.

You can follow me on Twitter @Xeby_chan and I will continue to post some things such as figure and dollfie photography on under username Xebek. Or, you can always contact me via the methods listed under Contact Us.

Thank you all again for your time, running this site has been a lot of fun and I feel its too bad i don’t have time anymore, but I’ll still be doing what I can via the methods above. Thanks again.

One thought on “Site On Undetermined Hiatus – Farewell”

  1. Well, I suppose it really was fun. For you. Not for us, seeing as we have no Xebek’s blog going on anymore :(

    But if you ever do get back into blogging, give me a holler; I’ll be soon to check back just as actively (reading one post every year) as I was before :P

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