Deadman Wonderland [Final Impressions]

Sorry about the lateness here, some computer problems played into that. Still even a couple months past, this is a series I won’t be forgetting about any time soon.

Final Words:

It was definitely interesting to see the manga that I’ve been enjoying get turned into an anime. One thing that was constantly apparent was the rush that the creators were in. They wanted to reach the first real breaking point in the story in 12 episodes and so it was time to cut and make that happen. This is a manga that releases in monthly installments so each chapter is pretty significant. If they stretched things the material covered in the anime could have turned into a 24 episode series. Instead they aimed for 12 (maybe to just test and see how receptive people were to the content) and so things had to be hurried along. Some characters were just not shown since they weren’t critical enough to the plot at this point. If there is a second season they could be re-introduced with a bit of effort and things would be alright. Still if there is a sequel one thing I really hope for is that they give it the amount of time that’s required. Too much can be lost when trying to cram into a short series.

One thing lost was just Ganta’s development as a character. Since they had to hit the highlights more than show every single moment that couldn’t be helped. But it did make Ganta look like a weaker character who’s moods could really just fly all over the place. Regardless we are talking about a seriously traumatized kid here. Having his class massacred was bad, getting framed for murder was also bad, and then ending up in a place where if you lose a fight you die or get organs removed is just adding horrible on top of it. To have moments of weakness and snapping in anger at times really isn’t too shocking. Really it’s more amazing that Ganta can even keep himself together this much. The other Deadmen we’ve seen have been there longer and have adapted to their situation, some of them were even more suited to that kind of lifestyle than others.

Really the series had some good characters. Shiro has some real mystery about her and is clearly critical to the story. Her past with Ganta wasn’t exactly a normal childhood that’s for sure. The insane power she showed off early in the series and that laugh can let people speculate in a few directions. I’d rather not jump into it since people can come up with what they want.

You also had a cool character in Senji who stays in a friend/mentor position for Ganta even after losing his eye in that penalty game. Minatsuki is one of the more memorable female characters I’ve seen in a while. She had that trick of the pure and innocent girl which was just shattered during her fight with Ganta. But she’s not really all bad either. Her childhood was completely destroyed and the kind of person she became was affected by that. Still she helped Ganta out and really when she was saved from the worst case scenario in that penalty game I couldn’t help being happy for her. There are definitely worse people in that prison than her by a mile.

If this series can be remembered for anything it’s shocking and slightly disturbing moments. Senji getting his eye gouged out topped my creepy moment of the series. Of course there was other things like that crazy dog race that Ganta took part in and of course the security robot that actually melted someone with acid. Owl’s fight was also pretty creepy with parts of his flesh getting sliced off, but the eye gouging still leaves me wincing. This is a series that will creep a few people out if they aren’t ready for it.

Overall it wasn’t a bad show. I’d have liked it if they took more time and episodes to show the material, but it was still good. I really hope they do give us a sequel since there is plenty of material left.

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