Dantalian no Shoka – First Impressions

I generally tend to play it pretty safe lately as far as what anime I pick up to watch. In other words, going with the anime that isn’t likely to be spectacular, just something that is good, funny, and a clichéd story. Now, I still very much enjoy those anime, the typical school/romance/comedy can be very good no matter how many times its done, if done right, but watching the first episode of Dantalian makes me wish I took a few more chances. Dantalian really drew me in with the first episode. I’m not sure how it’ll turn out, what exactly the overall plot will be like or anything like that but so far it has me interested in finding out.

While I have definitely been drawn in by the show, I’m still not exactly sure…what it will be about. It seems of course the basic premise is that the two of them pair up together, going around sealing these renegade books, perhaps each time using a different one of their own books to aid in the power. I’m not sure; there are a lot of things that seem to be going on for it, although so far the fights have been, well easy. The guy just read a book and the dragon got defeated. I’m curious what they will do for future episodes to make things harder and put a sense of urgency to them. It kind of kills the suspense if you know at any time a giant monster appears you whip out a book, read a eerie (yet kind of cool) poem while some live action pictures go by and defeat your enemy. Again, I’m not saying anything bad about how they did this episode, but I’m just not sure what they will do for future episodes now.

I do have to mention the ED…it was creepy as hell! What was up with that? The live action bit itself was pretty odd by itself, it’s not something you usually see so while I was taken back when I first saw it I figured it’s just because its live action. But even ignoring that part, it was just weird and creepy. It gave a very ominous feeling which probably fits the show very well in a lot of regards, but was still just odd to see. Doesn’t mean the show will be bad or creepy, but the ED still was just unexpected.

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  1. There are many fans out there posting that this show looks a lot or resembles to GOSICK, but I say the similarities are just superficial.

    The only symbolic connection it shares with GOSICK is that Dalian’s seiyuu is Miyuki Sawashiro who previously voiced Cordelia Gallo’s character (Victorique’s mother) in GOSICK.

    But that’s it.

  2. Oh there are far more similarities than that. Although they still may be superficial, there’s far more than a seiyuu in common.

    Both of them feature a girl/woman who has surrounded herself with books and up until the point of the encounter with main character has been mostly isolated. This female appears to be physically weak and dresses quite girly and daintily, but has a very fierce personality against the male who happened upon her.

    This personality is seemingly selfish and the female takes charge and wants things done for her even though she’s actually not a selfish person, just demanding.

    This male is then caught up in situations by the strong willed female who appeared to have been an isolated person surrounded by books but is actually quite spectacular.

    That describes both shows basically, so there’s a lot more than a seiyuu in common.

  3. This specific year, 2011, is becoming the turning point for the demand in a trend that’s also becoming common in anime of this generation: Shows featuring (goth or not) petit-type women, or girls, protagonists with fierce personalities (thus a common taboo to treat them as playthings or children) and severely demanding of attention from their male co-stars.

    Examples include:
    Victorique du Blois, GOSICK
    Alice, Kami-same no Memo-chou (started this summer season)
    Dalian, Dantalian no Shokan (also started this season)
    Ruri Aiba, Sacred Seven (also started this season)

    Another trend that links the first three of the aforementioned characters in common is that they possess deducting skills or are involved in a sort of detective work at solving crime and cases.

    However, those are my personal observations so feel free to disagree or not with me.

  4. The ED just reminded me of Nyanpire…

    As for the characters, I disagree – Dalian is much less elitist than Victorique, and not childish, just demanding. Meanwhile, the appearance of Huey makes fights far more interesting – he doesn’t bother with long winded speeches about protecting people, he just grabs the girl (and the gun, of course the gun) and runs.

    About the plot – this was a pilot episode, so there’s no way to really say anything about the plot. I have a feeling it’ll be deeper/darker than an episode-by-episode case thing, but who knows?

    Definitely a very interesting start to a show, I’m willing to see where Shoka will go in the future.

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