Hanasaku Iroha – So Little Going On, Yet So Interesting

It’s a bit hard to say much about this show. Not because it isn’t good or that it isn’t interesting. In fact I like it quite a bit. The reason it’s a bit hard to say much about it is that while the show is interesting, it’s interesting in a rather plain way. It’s nothing new for a slice of life anime like this to focus on mundane things. There are quite a lot of different things a slice of life can focus on from romance, to family problems and drama, work, etc. While to some degree this show has those things, it doesn’t take them too far. The show is not some drama fest about these horrible events and how bad someone’s life is. The show isn’t filled with anguish, betrayal and trying to get through hard points in life. The show is about life, not the specific things about it that might make for an engaging story, but the whole thing which I think is great.

The reason I say that is the show doesn’t focus on anything too seriously. The characters are nice but not horrible people. The situations and stories they are in have conflicts and problems that arise but nothing too serious. Overall it’s rather laid back slice of life compared to some. However it’s also quite a bit better than most slice of life shows that would be similarly categorized as casual or light hearted. Not too long ago, the episode with Ohana’s mother. I was on the edge of my seat very engaged and interested in what was going to happen. What would she say, how would they all get along, etc. Now, even though for this show it was a big event overall it wasn’t that big. If her mother didn’t like the place nothing huge would have happened. The mother wasn’t forcing Ohana to do something that she didn’t want, there was no drama no matter how the outcome would have turned, yet it as still engaging.

The show has such great characters that they can take this laid back slice of life style, taking rather boring and non-dramatic events and imply make them engaging and interesting, and I hope it continues throughout the rest of the show.

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