Hidan no Aria – Final Impressions

It’s hard to say much about this show mainly because it just seems so unfinished. There were so many aspects to it they were throwing out there only to have the show end rather soon, hardly covering any of these issues. I felt that while the show wasn’t the greatest, it had a lot of potential. Sure some of the potential was a bit wasted in what they have shown already, so a great show isn’t guaranteed by a continuation of the story but overall I think there might be some promise for this show if they could just get to some of the bigger and deeper issues that were interesting, just not explored.

The basic premise of the show wasn’t bad. It may be a bit clichéd and the harem aspect of the show was definitely obvious and a bit ridiculous at times but the story about this secret organization, these deep pasts of the characters, mysterious ability of the main character, while all of these have been done plenty of times before it seemed like in this setting they could work well if done right. However unfortunately for the most part, it wasn’t able to be done right. A big downfall was the focus on that harem aspect of the show. Although there were only a few girls, it seemed to be quite a

Overall, the show wasn’t bad. It had some interesting parts and some scenes that made me chuckle but overall it was kind of boring. They had some good plot points there like EU and his brother, then this mysterious kana, but none of them they really focused on which could have made the show better. For what it is, it’s simply average.

2 thoughts on “Hidan no Aria – Final Impressions”

  1. I hadn’t the time to watch this show, but, uh, from what I read, “the basic premise of the show [that] wasn’t bad” was… a person who’s power was being aroused by little girls?

  2. Well that isn’t the part I’m referring to. That part, yes, is quite stupid and ridiculous but the basic premise I’m referring to is a school training individuals to fight and teaming up to go after a secret organization.

    As I said, the show was far from perfect and things like his Hysteria Mode were odd and could have easily been different for the same or better result, but the basic idea of the show, a character with the ability to become quite apt at handling situations teaming up to help a girl fight an evil organization is the part that isn’t bad.

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