Ano Hi Mita Hana – Final Impressions

There are a lot of shows out there that I love. A lot of shows I love give me a feeling of the show being great, good story, good characters but then I add in some things I think they could have done better. I liked the show, except this or I liked the show but think they should have added that. I shrug them off, the critiscms of the show, because they pale in comparison to the good qualities but they are still there. I’ll love the show except for or despite for, etc. These thoughts have no place in my reaction and feelings to Ano Hana.

Ano Hana was amazing, beautiful, well thought out, and I loved it. No but, no or, no exception or things I think the show would have been better if they added. Now I know the show isn’t for everyone and even though I say that there is no addition or omission that would make the show better it’s not my all-time favorite but the show, as it was, was perfect. Now, I want to clarify for people who freak out when I say the show was perfect. The show being perfect doesn’t mean it’s the best show ever or even better than a non-perfect show. Some shows aren’t perfect, such as perhaps they could have been better if they focused more on this or the ending was clearer. Those shows can be AMAZING but still missing things. Ano Hana, for what it is, wasn’t missing anything.

Ano Hana tackled some pretty heavy issues, which is part of why it had such an enormous emotional impact. I know I myself haven’t cried that much since Clannad ~After Story~. The show tackled huge things like overcoming death, learning to mourn and get on with life, honoring the dead without obsessing on them, what makes someone become someone different than they used to be, who people are on the inside, the pains of unrequited love, jealousy, and guilt. Any one of these topics could make for a good anime, but it’s these things combined that makes a great anime.

Ano Hana won’t be for everyone. When I first picked it up I had my doubts too. However although it has a kind of odd setting and focus, it truly fits into the genre of magical realism. The show, while having a supernatural element such as Menma’s ghost is about the real human reaction and emotions of dealing with death and love.

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