Gosick – 24 [Final]

Kujo and Victorique struggle to survive and meet each other again.


Well here we are in the last episode. Honestly this felt really rushed in my opinion. A few episodes ago we were dealing with mysteries and then suddenly this became a war drama. WW2 was accelerated into action and then finished within a couple episodes. They really could have used more time to resolve things and maybe doing it a different way. It just felt like a serious genre change they went through there. Might not have been bad to use her brains to defeat her father and find happiness. Also I have no idea how the world turned out in this series. They accelerated WW2 which should have changed quite a bit, but the ending was vague. Avril was ok so it seems Britain at least won the war. Japan looked terrible which hints at a fairly similar ending to the war. Though Victorique’s homeland didn’t seem that badly damaged, though of course there was some. In the end it would have been nice to have more information on the war.

Regardless this was a pretty crazy episode. Victorique really almost died this time around and just got lucky that Brian took that fall that eventually claimed his life. It did show good development for Victorique’s character from the girl who didn’t respond to death to someone who had something to lose. Before dying just meant escaping from her prison, but now dying meant never seeing Kujo again. Perhaps the most visual change for Victorique was her hair colour going from gold to silver. Now it’s a good symbolic change since she has really gone through a lot and it was good for disguising herself. She’s not the same girl as before and this was a good way to represent that. It was nice to see her trying to care for Brian even though he died in the end. Knowledge is good, but a serious injury combined with lacking medical supplies just lead to that result. Besides Brian honestly didn’t have anything left in his mind to live for. Victorique was safe for now and he’d done all he could to honor Cordelia’s last wishes.

This brings me to the tragic end for the trio of the Brians and Cordelia. The guys went through a lot and we finally understand their past. Cordelia was a shining example for them of how to live and not just hate the world around them. But after the kidnapping she lost something and only cared about securing the future of her daughter. All they could do was watch her live like that. She showed qualities of the mother they wished they had for themselves, but her feelings couldn’t drift in their direction. In the end they all died and that’s a sad thing. Cordelia might have been satisfied that ‘her soul’ was safe, but it’s still tragic. The Brians gave up everything and the only thing they gained was joining Cordelia in death.

Grevil’s great moment was kind of shorter and honestly less impactful than I expected. He did take action while thinking his father was alive which was good. It showed he had the ability to do what he thought was right. It ended up being like their relationship from the start. Grevil pretended Victorique wasn’t there and talked to someone else. At least his hairstyle went back to normal though he’ll be in tough in his old job without Victorique helping out. A positive though limited was regaining the respect he almost lost.

Kujo went through hell. It’s kind of funny how the major problems in the series all got resolved without him being around. His importance was as Victorique’s heart and changing her as a person. Though I have no idea how he got the letters to Roget and how in turn he found where Victorique was to deliver the letters anyways. Some holes that would have been nice for the episode to fill in if it had time.

The ending was worth it all though. Kujo made it home alive and met Victorique again. Both of them had dealt with a great deal of grief and yet still found each other again. It won’t be an easy time for them in Japan, but they will find a way. Some nice visuals at that end just trying to leave everything with a good feeling.

Final Words:

This was a series of ups and downs. I’ll be the first to admit that Kujo at times got on my nerves. His constant screaming of Victorique’s name got excessive at certain moments. Still in the end he was a good guy and served the role of Victorique’s heart. He didn’t need to be the strongest or the smartest to open her heart up and help make her a real human.

The sad conclusion for Cordelia and the two Brians is too bad in my mind. It was handled pretty nicely I’ll say, but I wanted a better ending for them. I mean if Coco could escape into the world with a child born from adultery why did those three have to die? It’s just frustrating and tragic. For some I’m sure it’s a good bittersweet ending, but that part of it didn’t appeal to me.

Now I’ll say Victorique as a character was excellent in the series. She had some tough moments, but in the end she grew and turned into something special. So many times she figured out the truth and helped to solve the mysteries. But the series was more than her solving mysteries and her growing relationship with Kujo reflected that. She found that there were things more important than pride and that dying was something to be afraid of. I’m glad that things worked out for her. What she endured was terrible and she deserved happiness in the end.

The mysteries really weren’t the highlights of the series. Some of them were too simple and others just were connected by an unbelievable series of coincidences. Still the danger that they presented to Kujo and Victorique still felt real and made you care about what was going on. Also a lot of things were building towards the ending that we saw here. The fortune telling on the Queen Berry was just a hint at the craziness that would lead to another great war.

In the end I’m glad I watched this series. I enjoyed the novels when I read the translated ones and the series didn’t let me down. Maybe some things would have been changed if I had some input, but the series wasn’t bad. This wasn’t a series for everyone and I know plenty couldn’t stick with it to the end. For those who did I hope your with me in saying this was a series worth watching. I couldn’t watch that last image with Victorique in that white dress with that smile on her face and say this was a bad show.

I’ll give it 7.5/10 since it was a good series though it had some negatives.

5 thoughts on “Gosick – 24 [Final]”

  1. @Kitsu

    Really can’t ask for more than with the two leads moving forward together. World might be in a tough spot, but they are happy and alive.

  2. It’s good because they are both alive and met each other but also kinda sad cause they will never see their friends on the school nor contact them.

    anyways good end but it could be much more better if not i guess rush!

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