Gosick – 22

Victorique’s school holds a Christmas Party and political developments force Kujo into a difficult position.


It really is true that the Rabbit is the Monstre Charmant’s heart and not it’s brain. I hate to say it but watching Kujo wave so happily, oblivious to the fact that he’s a hostage was kind of painful. That level of naivety was funny and yet kind of hurt. I don’t want to call him stupid or anything, but it really almost demands it. Until they start dragging him away the guy thinks he’s just going to head up the tower to see Victorique. What a painful moment for her to understand that her heart really has been captured. That story couldn’t be more fitting for Victorique. Her intelligence and ability is unmatched, but that rabbit of hers really is her weak point. Kujo may be able to fight, but he’s not super human. Victorique might have had the conviction to take her own life, but she couldn’t give up Kujo’s life. There wouldn’t be any benefit to hurting Kujo if she killed herself, but that father of hers is ruthless enough to kill Kujo out of principal. That guy has no morals when it comes to his objectives.

I really can’t wait for Grevil to step up since like Jacqueline I believe he will come through. It’s a difficult position for him so I can understand the lack of action to this point. Grevil isn’t overly talented and his position is in great thanks to Victorique’s abilities and his father’s influence. He’s a kind guy, but really that can only take you so far. He lost the girl he loved to someone else and has no hope of getting anywhere else other than being her friend. With his position really thanks to his father standing up to him is difficult. Add in for a long time he probably resented Victorique. Though held back and restricted she is infinitely smarter than Grevil intellectually. He’s seen slowly through the series as she’s become more human and overcoming her difficult past. While there might not be much personal benefit I think in the end he’ll be a good brother and do whatever he can for her.

It was good to see Luigi again. I didn’t think we’d see too many characters from previous arcs here. But since we are getting closer to the end I’m not surprised. He helped save the day for Kujo again though that guy gets himself into more trouble.

I liked the Christmas scenes before everything got too serious. I feel bad for Avril, but she really can’t compete with Victorique for Kujo’s heart. Trying to be a golden haired fairy herself was nice, but sometimes things don’t work out. Giving Kujo the ring really is such a big step for Victorique. She can’t express it in words, but that shows perfectly well how important he is to her. Their gifts were pretty fitting and help to tie them together regardless of what happens.

I had to check the date for WW2 again just to make sure my memory wasn’t off. But it doesn’t appear that’s quite what’s going on here. When you make a country up it makes sense that it will impact events. This rabbit uprising may still remained localized within the country. If they avoid major international issues it could still continue down the normal historical path and give Kujo and Victorique years together before the next huge war makes everything go crazy. It does go to show how flimsy Kujo’s life in that country is since a major event and he could be shipped home.

This last arc is going to be plenty serious. They have a huge opponent to go up against and the political implications promise to be huge. Victorique will have to play her trump cards that she has picked up through the series and count on her mother and Brian to help out as well. It’s going to be hard for Victorique and Kujo to win and live freely, but things like this can’t be easy. I’m looking forward to the next episodes and seeing how they overcome the crisis.

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  1. RE: WWII, remember that at this point Fascists had already taken over Italy (an adjoining country) and Hitler had already led his first (failed) uprising in Germany (the “beer hall putsch”).

    RE: Avril. That was an awesome line about how she has blonde hair too, but they don’t call her the golden haired fairy. I was a little worried that she wouldn’t follow through with the delivery to Victorica. The fact that she did, makes her an even more sympathetic character.

  2. @Joojoobees
    True, just that being next to France I would think should give Victorique some time since there wouldn’t be too many aggressive movements in their direction at this specific time. But does give the actions of that group a decent matching point to the events occurring nearby.

    I thought for a moment that Avril might pass the delivery onto someone else. But no matter what it was something Kujo asked of her and she couldn’t let him down. Maybe him thinking even at a time like that about Victorique was hard, but Avril at least is strong enough to put her feelings aside for a moment. Not like she hates Victorique at this point either. Letting her use the elevator shows how even Victorique has changed her opinion of Avril.

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