Gosick – 21

Victorique pieces together the Coco Rose case and faces the killer.


Wow, Leviathan’s life was a mixed bag. His place in history was pretty much as a villain who’s intentions were seen as trying to ruin the love between the King and Queen. I suppose he doesn’t really care about how history sees him, but still it’s another unfortunate thing to throw onto the guy. Still in the end he has a child alive in the world so things aren’t as bad as they could have been.

What a royal mess this episode revealed. I mean there was quite a bit of identity switching going on, the Queen had a child with Leviathan, and finally the King snapped and committed murder. Not to mention the sad fate of Nicole who was picked out because of her appearance only to be killed off. At least she had some fun with the high life before she was snuffed out. Still a pretty cold thing to pick someone like that just so you have an official death of the Queen that doesn’t leave the King as a suspect. It’s not like I can’t believe the King got so angry that he murdered the Queen. I mean the reaction of a man who just found out his wife was cheating on him could be pretty dangerous. Not that it gave him a right to kill someone that’s for sure. I’m sure the Queen had quite the shock when seeing the ethnicity of her child. Probably hoped she could conceal the truth about the child’s origins, but clearly that was impossible. Though being allowed to get away with cheating wouldn’t really be right. Sadly only extreme results came from this situation. Can’t really side with anyone since the Queen cheated on her husband and the King is a murderer.

An interesting twist at the end with meeting the woman and her son. If they actually ran into the Queen and the illegitimate child that’s pretty insane coincidence the series is using. Since Victorique’s theories pretty much are the author talking I’ll assume she’s completely correct in her beliefs. A strange twist with the maid dying, Nicole dying, and the Queen living out with her son. I mean terrible for the two women who died. I wonder how exactly the maid ended up in that position. Not like the Queen knew when the King would rush in there and try to murder her. Was the maid just doing a typical role as double when the King ran in there? In that case was her sacrifice one out of duty, friendship, or simply the inability to tell the King she wasn’t the Queen? I’d hope more for the first two since at least it would feel like the maid’s decision rather than just being at the wrong place at the wrong time. I could see her making that choice since they came from France together and would probably have had some bond besides her likely normal role as body double and maid. Even if a friend did something wrong like have an affair I could still see the maid choosing to protect Coco at the cost of her life. People screw up, but doesn’t mean they should have to die. Also those with that kind of job don’t really pick and choose what to protect their charge from. The Queen cheated, but that didn’t mean the maid’s desire to protect her would suddenly vanish. Either way I hope at least Coco and her son live to the best of their ability. If so many ended up dying then it won’t make anything better for them to live painful lives and really the child is innocent.

A good choice by Victorique to hold information back. It makes sense to since she needs as many trump cards as possible right now. Her father is clearly an enemy and who knows who else might have ill will against her. She needs all the information and evidence she can get a hold of in order to stay safe. Leaving the will of Nicole with her mother makes sense since she is one person that can be trusted even if Brian has mixed feelings about her. Now her father probably doesn’t believe that she told the whole truth, but maybe he got enough information to remain satisfied.

Good on Kujo for being a solid companion in this episode. He asked an average amount of questions, but it wasn’t overboard. Also he wasn’t repeating Victorique’s name over and over again which was nice.

I’m still not sure what’s going on with Brian. The twin theory seems to be a bit more firm in this episode, but could still be one of them wearing a disguise. The only thing that moment near the end confirmed was that Brian can’t teleport which was pretty obvious.

Also I have to say Victorique with that crown on her head was pure hilarity :). That girl might have some serious deductions to make, but she can still get you to laugh.

Now we’re moving into the apparent last arc of this series. Christmas should be interesting and I wonder how Victorique’s father will take action. That guy is dangerous and an enemy so it’s just a question of when he will strike.

2 thoughts on “Gosick – 21”

  1. Finally caught up. Wow, were these last few episodes a thrill ride. This episode in particular, linked a lot of the little, seemingly unrelated plot threads that we saw in the series into one giant massive pay off.

    The whole thing with Coco Rose and her surviving was interesting. If anything, the tripple switch was the thing that caught me off gaurd. Near the end, I had already guessed that Nicole had been used as a double, and the queen had been killed earlier. When Victorique mentioned the birth being the time of death, and with Leviathan on stage, it was pretty simple to note what had gone on from there.

    The part about the Maid and being able to switch for her mistress and probably close friend, was quite epic. I’m sure the maid sacrificed herself so that Coco Rose and the boy could live happily ever after.

    At this point, the only person who knows the whole story is Victorique and obviously Kujo.

    I’m not exactly sure what the last 3 episodes are going to entail, but I feel like most of what the series wanted to establish, has been resolved. We might be left with one of those “story unfinished” endings or possibly an openning for a potential second season.

    I still see a great deal of potential for a lot more story, as Cordelia vs Albert vs the Science Academy is still very much a real thing.

  2. @Setsuken
    I didn’t really expect them to pull off a triple switch that’s for sure. I mean it seemed like the maid took the kid and raised him, but then Victorique pulled out that theory on us. Even though Coco was in the wrong to cheat like that it doesn’t make the sacrifice by her maid less epic. She made a choice to put her life on the line and two people are finding a way to live on because of it.

    I do remember hearing that the anime is going to try and take on all the novels of Gosick in one series so I expect these last episodes to just pick up the intensity. I’ve only read the first couple novels so really this will be a surprise for me as to how the series will end.

    There is plenty more that can be covered though. This country has some serious political movements going on, the battle between the science group and magic group, Cordelia and Brian, and of course how things will work out for Victorique and Kujo. They are too important to each other to let anything happening around them separate them.

    Thanks for catching up :).

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