Gosick – 20

Victorique is forced to try and solve the murder of Queen Coco.


Suppose one can’t ever deny that Kujo is an energetic person. I mean some might feel that hanging over a ledge and screaming Victorique’s name might be silly, but he does it anyways. Of course after the first couple times I probably would have actually headed down to her rather than calling her name another three or four times. Though really in this episode he probably called her name over twenty times. Kujo’s a good guy, but seriously simple minded. He seemed to have problems coming up with different words to say like his repeated “thank god” moment. Saying something once and leaving some silence after isn’t a bad thing. Really by the end I was just shaking my head.

It’s funny since Kujo then balances that kind of behavior with being really helpful in this episode. This has been one of his best episodes in the role of assisting Victorique with investigating things. Seems like he’s starting to get a feel for the reality of that world, which is that everything is somehow related. Anyways it was good for him to be firm about finding more clues for Victorique and bringing enough information that she can go and find the rest on her own.

This case is looking rather interesting and the implications are pretty big. It’s looking like Coco could actually be alive. The secretary job was obviously a search for a double of the queen so they could pull off this trick. I can’t believe that Coco was the one who died since there’d be no point in having a double. Of course it then brings up the question of where she is now and why anyone would pull this kind of trick off to begin with. I wonder also if Sophie is somehow connected to things. She’s been brought up a few too many times and to some extent everything in these mysteries is related. Though for certain the guys she is sitting near are connected to this case somehow.

These magic people really are annoying sometimes. I mean restricting Victorique’s movements and then hitting her with herbs was just a bit too much. While Victorique’s deductions can be a bit of a stretch sometimes she isn’t using magic here. Doing all that stuff is just going to be annoying to her. Of course they are working for a man who believed Leviathan was really a powerful alchemist who could create an army of homunculus for him. Kind of weird how they mix logic and magic together sometimes. They give Victorique information and yet resort to rituals when it isn’t working fast enough.

The double Brian situation did make me wonder a little. Seems likely the one chatting with Kujo was the real one since the other was silent. Seems possible that he had a stagehand help him out with this deception. He’s got enough people working for him so it shouldn’t be impossible. Though creating all that wind was a pretty impressive trick.

Seems like the Coco case will be solved pretty soon and then it will be the showdown with Victorique’s father. That arrogant guy really has to be stopped.

2 thoughts on “Gosick – 20”

  1. It was good to see Kujo demonstrate some growth. He has been somewhat simple-minded from the start, but this episode he used more than gumption to nail down the clues Albert failed to provide Victorica.

    The double Roscoe was surprising. I hope they explain that in the next episode, because they piqued my curiosity.

  2. @Joojoobees
    It was nice to see some growth from Kujo. He gets more what Victorique needs to solve a case and wasn’t foolish as to think she had enough fragments yet.

    The double Roscoe was pretty interesting. I didn’t expect to see one and makes me wonder when we might have been fooled with them using that to their advantage in earlier episodes.

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