Gosick – 19

The past of Victorique’s mother is revealed and Victorique must solve another mystery.


Wow after this episode I really felt bad for Brian and Cordelia. I mean her past seemed pretty bad, but I never really thought about how bad things were for Cordelia when she was with Victorique’s father. Before we met him I figured it was at least in part consensual. Of course after we met him I wouldn’t think that way, but I hadn’t really thought much about it. It was clear here that his only interest in her was as a breeding machine. Perhaps finding out her past made him treat Victorique a bit differently, but somehow I doubt it. He saw her mother as a tool and doubt he saw his daughter much differently. Still it was shocking that he outright kidnapped Cordelia and held her until it was time. Plus the whole chaining her while she was giving birth was pretty disturbing.

Of course I felt bad for Brian as well after seeing all this. It’s easy to see how he felt about Cordelia before the kidnapping and I can imagine how hard he searched for her. His feelings towards Victorique are pretty understandable. While logically you can’t blame a child for their origins, she still represents how that hated man kidnapped the woman he cared for and then raped her. At least he found her in the end and can travel around with her like this. Though it seems that this latest situation could be a trap to lure them in. Hopefully they are both sharp enough to avoid getting into serious trouble.

Not a bad move by Kujo with the present. Can argue that getting a new pendent might bring up sad emotions and remind her of the old one. But the message that he’ll be there for her and to protect her isn’t bad. Of course we know that WW2 is on the horizon, but they still have years until that point. If they can strengthen their bond and then find a way to deal with their current struggles and future ones. It was also nice to see Victorique running around looking for him. Of course he wasn’t there, but it was a good change. Interested in seeing how they will meet up during this.

Things keep moving towards the end of the series. Only so many mysteries to go and of course the real enemy is completely obvious.

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