Gosick – 18

Kujo and Victorique take the train home and are caught in a battle between two powerful forces.


This time I think Kujo deserved some credit. His ability to seduce girls without even realizing it paid off big time, haha. But really it wasn’t a bad episode for him. He wasn’t screaming out “Victorique!!!!” when the lights went out although he did somehow find a way to sit on her. His good reflexes kept them from getting knocked off the train unlike the guy who referred to himself as a knight. While he was just about as lost as always he once again managed to get Victorique blushing which is always fun.

This train trip was a whirlwind of action. It seemed like we met one character and then almost immediately they were getting killed. Felt like they were pushing the pace to fit this whole train situation into one episode. Seems like when you push people from the Academy and the Ministry of the Occult together bad things are going to happen. Of course the box being on the train just created a whole extra level of intensity that pushed events along. It’s kind of crazy how both sides are willing to resort to kidnapping, murder, and blowing up trains to get what they want. Though considering this is the period between the World Wars and how serious the battle between science and magic for these groups it’s not too surprising to see what they are willing to do.

Will say I felt bad for the orphan girl. We never got to know a lot about her, but her fear due to not knowing her birthday was genuine. Dying of poison like that is a sad thing. Hopefully the concern that Kujo showed for her meant something in terms of having a more peaceful passing.

I expected the box to have some crazy device inside, but instead it was more about information about one person. The leader of the Academy being from the Gray Wolf village definitely has serious implications. Considering how those Gray Wolves are viewed from both sides and having one at such a prominent position….If the Ministry of the Occult could steal that box and use that information they could strike a blow against their rivals in the Academy of Science. Giving what information is still in that box could be serious, but if Victorique didn’t let Lesglant take it then who knows what might happen to his sister. Long as she holds what she sees as the trump card in her hand it should still avoid the worst case scenario and might be the key to protecting her from her father.

You can just feel that everything is building up to a major point now. The major players are taking action and the bond between Victorique and Kujo has never been stronger. Whatever happens they are going to face it and hopefully overcome it. Though there are some things that aren’t so easy to overcome, like the upcoming war.

2 thoughts on “Gosick – 18”

  1. The raisin game was interesting. Again, Victorica had to keep Kujo from being the first to eat the possibly poisoned food (Doh!). I have never heard of a game like that. First snatching the flaming raisin, then you make a wish.

    Good episode over all, I thought. I also agree about the build up. Looking forward to next week!

  2. @Joojoobees
    It’d be nice if Kujo had some sense of self preservation. I mean it’d be good to protect Victorique from poisoned food, but if there are others that can eat first might as well let them. Though entirely possible he didn’t like the silence and wanted to go first for that reason. A strange game though and I certainly hadn’t heard of it. Though I like raisins so it’d kind of be interesting.

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