Gosick – 17

While trying to help Victorique escape Kujo meets with Victorique’s mother and her father.


Kujo really needs to stop working just on instinct. I mean they are in the middle of gas and the second he sees Brian Roscoe he breaks into a sprint. It’s not like he came there to save the person he is now abandoning in the middle of that gas. While he’s off on the run how easy would it be for someone to just grab Victorique? He really does have an unhealthy obsession with that man. Even after meeting Victorique’s mother he pretty much ignores the whole sending her a message or telling Victorique about her mother and continues his chase. Sure it lead to meeting Victorique’s father which was pretty important, but there was no way that Kujo knew that was going to happen. What an oddball kind of guy. Is worried that she breathed in the gas when he eventually gets back to her and yet he’s the one who abandoned her in the middle of it. Still it did lead to a dramatic ending so that’s something.

The dramatic train chasing scene was pretty good though. Kujo might be full of faults, but when the time comes he can really step up. Good job by him to get Victorique to focus on just continuing to move forward and catching up to that train. Long as you stay alive it’s possible to figure out things like the meaning for you being there. It was pretty close but they just managed to get her on the train. Too bad about her outfits though since they were mostly sacrificed.

Sadly Victorique’s father has a good point to make. Even if they go back to the school all they are doing is walking back into his area of influence. Being so important and her father means he can take her out of that school at any time. It’s going to be difficult to defeat his ambitions and let Victorique lives as she pleases. Not to mention we know that WW2 is going to hit at some point and Victorique and Kujo’s countries will probably be on opposite sides. It’s all going to be pretty difficult to deal with.

I’m glad at least that message from Victorique’s mother got passed on. It’d be nice if she would talk to her daughter in person, but at least she gave another keepsake to hold onto. For now she and Brian are doing their own thing and it will be up to Victorique and Kujo to hold their own.

Will say farewell to the guy who got murdered this time around. Victorique realized what was going to happen, but sadly Kujo was slow on reacting to her message and it was too late. Never a good idea to walk into a tight space with some creepy person and a knife. I don’t care whether magic exists or not, that’s not a smart plan.

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  1. “How easy would it be for someone to just grab Victorique?.”

    I was thinking the exact same thing when he ran off. Fortunately it didn’t turn out that way, but really Kujo is not the brains of this team. I’ve already seen the first half of ep.18, and Vickie has to put up with several more Kujo moments. Basically he talks without thinking, and doesn’t know when to keep his hands to himself. But that is the way V & K work; if he was any smarter, he probably never would have put up with her attitude. In the end, she’s lucky she met up with someone who has more good intention than common sense, because else she would still be living a very lonely life.

  2. @Joojoobees
    You probably have a point there. The balance that they have is part of the reason why the duo works so well. I just think it wouldn’t hurt Kujo to have some common sense or to listen when Victorique is talking. There’s no point for him being the action with her thinking if he can’t follow quickly enough. Anyways got lucky that Victorique wasn’t abducted this time around. While he makes mistakes Victorique is also lucky to have him around since no matter how hard she is on him he’ll be the first to apologize and will always be there to defend her.

  3. There’s no question he should be listening to her, whenever she has something to say. She saves his life often in small ways. He has a big heart, but he does need her guidance.

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