Gosick – 16

Kujo discovers that Victorique has been taken away and must travel in order to find her.


I really try not to pick on Kujo, but I wonder how many more times I’ll have to question his intelligence. It’s almost necessary that he shows us his report cards so we have real proof since I can’t believe he’s doing well in school. Maybe it’s just that his school topics are solid but common sense escapes him. I know he was glad to see Victorique in the end, but he had to pay a bit better attention. His initial thinking was that Victorique saw him, but then ran away. Now that alone isn’t crazy though a bit strange. The fact that she was outrunning him when she isn’t the most physical is a stretch, as is running into the room, changing her clothes, and hiding under a sheet until he arrived. Now there is almost no one that he would expect to see that looks like Victorique around there, but still he should have figured out that it probably wasn’t her he was chasing before he had to ask the question of why she ran.

Besides Kujo’s questionable sense, we had a pretty good episode. Sooner or later Victorique’s father was found to make his move. Of course it seems like this whole move was for the sake of luring out Brian Roscoe and Cordelia. In a counter move Brian managed to have Kujo do the rescuing and work on things in the shadows. I do wonder what this means going forward since it’s not like Kujo can take Victorique on the run for long. They are going to have to figure things out and maybe hope that Victorique’s father will be distracted by what Brian is doing.

The history of their location is pretty interesting. The bombing and the counter attack was pretty good. Considering that place was so focused on science I can’t imagine they actually used some supernatural means of scaring the pilots. Though I will be interested in finding out how they pulled that trick off. Plus you have the old man looking for his daughter and I doubt it’s as simple as her being a performer. Maybe she died in the bombings and he’s looking for her remains?

Good move by Grevil to tell Kujo where to go. While Kujo took his words at face value I doubt this was just Grevil thinking it’d be inconvenient if she starved herself to death. While he puts up a serious front I’m pretty sure he does care about what happens to Victorique. He just doesn’t have the power to do anything against his father. Might just be easier to keep playing the enemy card with her.

Now that Kujo has saved Victorique (for now) things can really get going. With Cordelia around Victorique will be on the move. This is her best chance to see her mother.

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  1. I absolutely loved watching Gosick and I could never figure out the killers or the motives before Victorique explained them but then again I’m just dimwitted but I think it’s a rule when writing a murder mystery to have the ‘detective’ a sidekick for example: Sherlock Holmes has Dr. John Watson, Murder, She Wrote (Jessica Fletcher) had various people in each book or Rosemary and Thyme where the role of superior knowledge would be passed between the two but at the end of each programme they’d explain the whole situation in detail to the police. What I’m saying, if you read this far is, every protagonist ‘dectective’ needs a competant but slightly idiotic companion to give them the full intel of the situation during the plot so the audience/reader can understand what’s going on.
    P.S I absolutely loved this episode but it was heart breaking how Cordellia and Victorique never truly got to be together.

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