Hidan no Aria – Things Are Heating Up

I was quite surprised at this latest episode of Hidan no Aria. At first the show seemed interesting, but nothing that would be spectacular. I figured it would keep a relatively slow pace, having the two main characters just solving random cases together, not making progress relationship wise until the last two episodes where they would finally deal with something related to a bigger plot, however the recent episode really shook things up and shows some hope that if things continue like this, the show will be far more.

The biggest surprise wasn’t necessarily the fact that they had such a big episode so early, which was a surprise, but the fact that Riko is an enemy. She seemed like a random throw away character. First off unlike a lot of fluff shows that have a similar setup to this there isn’t a huge cast of characters. Other than the main duo, Riko is one of the only two or three characters named really. The fact that she is revealed to be an enemy like this seems to say a lot for the show, that they hopefully won’t have to bother with unimportant side character matters.

The biggest thing about this episode wasn’t so much the episode or the revelations in the episode, but simply that it showed that this show can pull out some great surprises and that it gave me a lot of hope for what else the show has to offer.

2 thoughts on “Hidan no Aria – Things Are Heating Up”

  1. Since Riko is given a name, a back story and clings to the main character like cheese on a pizza, I’d say she’s more or less a permanent fixture in the guy’s harem.

  2. They are moving along pretty well I’d say. Riko turning out to be an enemy was a surprise, but definitely brought some excitement to things. Plus the leads are entertaining to watch.

    I think it’d be pretty rare to have a harem member that murdered your brother.

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