Gosick – 15

Victorique reveals the truth behind Leviathan and Kujo fights Brian Roscoe.


I have to say it was a surprise that this arc would delve into Victorique’s past so much. Not a bad way to show Victorique’s father through that flashback of Leviathan. On that note Victorique’s father is one heck of a crazy guy. Obviously he’s got some serious connections and knew what was coming. Although he doesn’t know everything or he wouldn’t have asked Leviathan to make him an army of homunculi. I just can’t believe the guy actually wanted to create an army of those things to help swing the result of WW1. That guy is pretty damn scary and who knows how far his ambitions go. But also anyone else keep thinking of Full Metal Alchemist when watching these past few episodes. Sure it wasn’t the only series to have alchemy in it, but an army of homunculi soldiers kind of sounded familiar. But anyways it’s clear that Victorique’s father isn’t going to just sit around and watch events unfold. We know that WW2 is coming and there’s no doubt that he plans to use Victorique as some tool for it. With her intelligence there is plenty of ways to apply her talents like strategy, predicting how the war will unfold, and deciding whose side they should support.

Honestly I’m not even sure what Kujo was doing in this episode. He just went and picked a fight with Brian Roscoe. It was just so easy to provoke Kujo into attacking like that. Really it’s not like Brian Roscoe said extremely horrible things. The guy never said what intentions he had towards Victorique and it was the truth regarding how the aristocrats felt about her. Roscoe did touch on a nerve about Kujo’s ability to protect Victorique and sent that message home by beating Kujo pretty soundly. While Kujo has strong feelings to protect Victorique at the moment he doesn’t have nearly the power. He’s had some good fights in the series sure, but in the end he’s still lacking in power. Not to mention that there is next to nothing a foreign student can do against the local aristocracy that seeks to use Victorique as a tool. At any rate the motivations of Roscoe are hard to make out. He’s not an ally of Victorique’s father, but he was willing to set off Victorique’s temper also. His role in the last parts of this series should be interesting.

As expected everything just tied together in this episode. Even the invisible ghost was just a dark skinned guy running really fast. The background of Leviathan was pretty interesting and now it makes sense why he was so sensitive about the mask. The second people realized he was African then it would be all over. I can’t blame him for using deception either on the royal family. This was the only way he could help his homeland and his people. The feeling of Europe of that time towards the African people wouldn’t have given him much standing at all. These are people who used him to carry gold around and then tried to kill him and many others to cover the truth. He was a pretty smart guy to handle the tricks all that time and leave that mystery for Victorique. I’m glad that Victorique figured it out and maybe helped his spirit find some peace. Dying with no one ever knowing who you really were would be a sad thing.

I think that Grevil trying to keep Victorique out of that tower makes a bit more sense. Maybe it was all about keeping her from realizing the truth behind her heritage. It’s hardly any less sad than Leviathan’s life to be born just to be used as a tool. No matter if Victorique’s mother was falsely accused of murder or if she left the village on a whim, the fate of Victorique to be locked up like that would have remained the same.

It seems like we are getting closer and closer to a dangerous time for Victorique and Kujo. Time passes on and sooner or later Victorique’s father will yank the chain.

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  1. I have to agree. This arc’s ending really sets up something for the finale, but, what? Roscoe seems to be the key, but his role has remained ambiguous. It would be nice if they let Victorica go, now that she found them all that gold. But that ain’t gonna happen, is it?

  2. If you notice in the preview that it looks like the crazy maid that fell in the bridge is coming back

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