Ano Hi Mita Hana – First Impressions

It took me a while to watch the first couple episodes of this show as I’ve been a bit busy but I’m really glad I managed to do so. Although there may be plenty of shows out right now that are pretty good not all of them have a kind of uniqueness feel to it that this one does. There’s just something about this that is just so interesting.

I’ve always liked the concept of seeing how people/characters have effectively grown and changed and how if they have changed they may not have actually done so and that they are still the person they were before. It’s in by itself isn’t a unique concept or idea and having some ghost girl isn’t either. However there something about the show that still gives it that fresh feel.

The show seems to be the perfect example of the genre magical realism which is one of my favorites. The show has this supernatural element to it in that Menma is up and about as a ghost effectively. Now, while there is this supernatural element to the story that is playing a big role, as Menma is obviously this driving catalyst, the show itself is far from being about supernatural things. The show isn’t about how Menma is walking about or really at its core even why. The show is about these people reconnecting to their childhood, to friends they had and to whom they used to be and stop pretending to be someone else, stop living in isolation, and just reconciling. So while the supernatural element of Menma is important the focus is on this other issue and I think their doing a great job of it.

I want to see more of this show and how things turn out. I’m interested to find out if these characters will make lasting connections, if they do in fact reconcile how different they are and how or if they are actually the same person as they were before. And this may sound actually kind of bad but I home Menma stays dead. I want this show to be about how life has changed and how people move on. Even if it’s with a push from a ghost, I want to see the living characters reconnect, be friends again and effectively learn to move on which it seems in a way they’ve not been able to do until perhaps now.

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