Gosick – 14

A major incident breaks out in Kujo’s class and Avril goes with him to gather some information.


Honestly this trio situation with Kujo, Victorique, and Avril is just getting worse every day. The brief introduction of Victorique to class was a huge disaster of epic proportions. Avril went over the line, Victorique crushed the line with a desk, and Kujo just told Avril to shut up when she tried to explain the situation. Honestly I think everyone in this conversation has blame to take for how this turned out.

Though I think Victorique has more blame to take than most regarding this. In the end it was her that Kujo was looking for an answer from. Instead of giving up anything she just refused and insulted the person she just dropped a desk on. Even at the end we didn’t get any apology from her even though Avril gave one. I can understand her being upset about the whole thing, but she responded with violence. Sure can say the desk slipped from her hands, but you don’t lift up a desk and aim for no reason. It’s more luck that the desk dropped from her hands.

Kujo has his responsibility in this of course. He just doesn’t get that he’s in the middle of a love triangle. How he got to that school being so dense is beyond me. Plus he gives in so quickly it’s tough to take his outbursts seriously. As soon as they left the school he was feeling bad that he went overboard with Victorique and brought her sweets on the way back. Doesn’t send much message that no matter what happens he’ll be the one to crack. Ignoring Avril is part of the reason why things have gotten so complicated. Just telling her to shut up when she’s trying to explain is over the top.

Avril of course took things far early in the episode. Her jealousy clearly has been getting the better of her though there have been incidents to fuel that. Still she was pretty fast to try and explain why things went that way and did apologize. Out of the three I give her the most slack since at least she recognized where she went wrong. She really needs to pull her feelings back since she’s going to get hurt here.

Also I really think Victorique needs to talk to Grevil and let him give up on the hairstyle. I mean using sugar to harden it because he’s in a hurry? That’s pretty creepy and honestly a health hazard for him. They might have their issues, but if she could let him keep a normal hairstyle (which shockingly looks good on him) I’d appreciate it.

Kujo’s memory is an amazing thing and by amazing I mean random. He completely forgets Brian Roscoe when he sees the guy during that store incident a few episodes back. But suddenly he sees the guy walking around from a distance and it all clicks in his head. It’s a good thing Victorique is a genius since someone will have to keep an eye on that guy. Anyways I’m guessing he’s charging after Roscoe for answers about Victorique’s mother? Either that or he knows that his role in each arc is usually to fight someone and he’s due.

It should be interesting to see how Victorique answers the challenge. There are plenty of mysteries about what happened in the past and now. I’m sure somehow the random information about African people being there, the children singing, and the ghost story will all tie together. I wish Victorique’s brain the best of luck in figuring it all out. Though I suppose things like the ghost sighting could be separate and Victorique will just explain that later.

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