Hidan no Aria – First Impressions

I quite liked the first few episodes of this series, one of the better ones this season (though that’s not saying much) the premise itself seems to be unique enough to be interesting and of course Kujimiya’s voice for the main heroine doesn’t hurt things either. It seems to have an interesting set up and that alone makes me want to watch more and the characters are interesting but perhaps a bit over the top.

One of the things that helps this I think is that it doesn’t seem to be bogged down with too many characters. There’s the main two really and beyond that there’s Shirayuki which didn’t seem to play too big a part in anything really even with her clichéd role and then Riko who seems to just be a side character. So that’ll help keep the focus of the show from being bogged down I think, so one thing giving the show a bit of hope.

The biggest concern for this show right now that I have is the level of….annoyance that Aria has. Part of the annoyance factor she has is unavoidable. She’s a classic eccentric tsundere character that demands everything her way vehemently. Although I don’t have a problem with her character itself perhaps the degree to which it is handled is a bit much. There were a couple of times where the slapstick nature comedy of the show was a bit much for what I would hope to see and parts of how she continued on and insisted on things got tiring. Now, this can easily show down after even just the first two episodes, as it does with a lot of character I just hope that it does indeed do that because it’ll be one of the biggest things to annoy me about the show if the amount of bossiness effectively continues to be at such high amounts. I’m fine with that aspect there; it just needs to be toned down.

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