Hanasaku Iroha – First Impressions

I didn’t really think this show was going to be much more than a standard slice of life/comedy anime. Sure slice of life always has this element of real life drama, that’s what the genre itself, means almost but this show surprised me. So far I would even say it’s my favorite show of the new season. There is just something about the focus of the show that has a kind of fresh feel. It may be because I haven’t seen many other slice of life anime for a while, maybe all the other anime recently of its kind have just been horrible but something about this show really hit it off with me and I love it.

Ohana is a great character. While she’s got this kind of classic super optimist feel to her in how she approaches some things it doesn’t seem like it’s just this blind walk into what she does. It feels earnest in that she’s making the best out of a kind of bad situation that was thrust on her. While also dealing with her, the story itself deals with such issues like where you belong, what defines you, and basically just what to do when everything is mis-heaved and shook up. It’s that situation that her optimism shines for her character and isn’t just some personality quirk. The fact that her life has been turned upside down but she seems genuinely serious about making the best of it when doing so isn’t easy makes me love her character and the show.

Definitely my favorite this season.

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