Puella Magi Madoka Magica – Theories Before The Finale

Hiii everyone, Puella Magi Xeby-chan here filling in for Xebek. Because we love Puella Magi Madoka Magica so much and it has been talked about so much we wanted to put together a list of theories and our thoughts on the show before the airing of the final two episodes in a couple of hours, so here they are!


First off I want to say that I really love the show. That much is probably obvious but there is just something about it. Obviously others feel the same way as I’m told that it is the number one most talked about anime on 2ch ever. Surpassing Haruhi which previously was at number one since it aired. That’s a pretty big thing to do, and I can easily see why.

The show isn’t about magical girls or fighting evil or anything like that. The show is something more direct about decisions you make in life, character development, self-sacrifice, and the burdens and horrors of being someone who has to make choices. It’s pretty intense at times and because it deals with things like this there is so much to talk about, not just from the theories as to what will happen but the meaning behind what has already happened.

So one thing that was pointed out to me that I thought was pretty interesting was that each of these timelines so far has gotten almost progressively worse. In the very first instance, sure, Mami and Madoka are dead but there doesn’t seem to be any Walpurgis Night, neither of them have turned into witches it’s just Homura lone in a world that has been saved.

Then when you look at the more recent timelines, Madoka instantly becomes a witch that will destroy the planet within a few days and everyone else is dead. In the first timelines because we don’t see it its possible even for Sayaka and Kyoko to be alive but in the most recent couple they’re dead too.

One option they have here may almost be for Homura to reset things again to the very beginning and just let things carry out. It’s possible because it would be avoiding some of the big horrible things happening but the reasons I don’t fully support this is just because Homura is so fiercely set on saving Madoka. Maybe she’ll take her place but self-sacrifice from Homura is easily foreseeable.

The thing that strikes me about this current timeline compared to the one right before it is that right now things are pretty much exactly the same. Homura is a Puella and Madoka isn’t, all the other girls are dead, Walpurgis Night is coming. I mean Homura should know that this isn’t going to turn out well. No circumstances have really changed since the last time and the last time they did things it failed horribly. So obviously something is going to have to be done here.

One possibility is for the space/time continuum to break somehow. They are already showing signs of this. In the most recent past timeline when Homura appeared before Madoka giving her a warning for a second she started to say her name. Obviously at this point in time the two had never met before except in past timelines so that alone shows that there is something that carries over even though the timelines.

Then again this happened in the present timeline, in a way, where Madoka was sitting on a bench and Homura was talking to her. Homura kind of broke down a bit stating how she was trying to help her, etc. and Madoka for a minute there kind of stopped and asked if she knew her. Now I don’t take this to be any memory loss or anything, as that wouldn’t make any sense. It’s almost as if she’s beginning to recall times in the past wondering if they have ever met previous to when she transferred to class in the present timeline.

If there is indeed some kind of connection here between these timelines then it’s very possible it will be one of the key things that make this timeline different from the others. It pretty much has to be brought up somehow because they’ve referenced it twice and it’s not really something that they would include for no reason. Whether or not it’s the key thing to stopping the world from blowing up or not, it’s still something I’m sure we’ll see. It could very well be that Madoka gets a full blast of memories as to what has happened in the past so that she then doesn’t form a contract because of knowing how bad it is, or something much smaller.

However no matter how I look at it I think Homura is going to die. It’s unfortunate, yet it also isn’t. Homura is by far my favorite character, the sense of self-sacrifice she has is amazing and seeing her go from this shy, timid, weak and innocent girl into the badass she is now was cool and also very tragic. It shows this great amount of character development about how she became what she is now through the sacrifices she’s had to make, the pain of losing people over and over again. I think it’s great, she’s an amazing and solid character and for that reason she’s likely going to die. However I don’t think I would have a big problem with that. If she does for a good reason, which at this point kind of has to be, then it will be a great culmination to how much she went through to save someone else.

I have a feeling that some combination of Madoka remembering memories of past time lines and Homura sacrificing herself will be the final end to the show, and one that I would very much like. Not to say I wouldn’t like other endings, this is the one I see as happening the most.


Well despite the long wait it appears Madoka is going to end. It’s been quite the series with stress, death, and some pretty ugly enemies. The series certainly did a good job raising certain expectations with that kind of OP and the overall starting impressions. Of course then they went and crushed them quickly with brutal death. Certainly they left an impact with that extreme act and the true consequences of being a Puella Magi. Though in some cases I think the series went too far and by the death of Kyoko it lacked any emotional impact. The downside to going to this level is leaving with very few likable characters still alive. Despite the background Homura still isn’t a character I like very much and Madoka while a good person is hard to handle at times. Personally I’ve been left not being that hyped up about the ending since there’s little they could do at this point to bother me. Not that this is a bad story telling method, but it runs the risk of draining the viewers and making them stop caring about what happens to the remaining characters.

How this series is going to end is the important question. I think there are a number of ways that this could work out and that makes it tough to guess. Homura could sacrifice herself to stop Madoka from making a wish and saving the day. Now this could leave Madoka not making a wish to respect Homura or making the same wish Homura did to go back and fix things. Madoka might make the same choice during the battle to make a wish to help Homura out, which then would mean Homura would abandon her in that timeline. Maybe both girls die in the final battle and the series ends there. Maybe despite a sad ending for Madoka, Homura decides to go back in time but not being so single minded. Believing in others again might be a key for her. Of course that would demand a second season, but that’s just a theory. I really have no idea how this series will finish. But it doesn’t seem like Kyuube’s race will be taken on by humanity, that’s not Homura’s objective at all. If I had to guess I’d go with Madoka making Homura’s wish and continuing the cycle.

I’m still not sure how this series is going to end, but I’m looking forward to it. They created a pretty good villain in Kyuube and there were some pretty likable characters (though most of them died). Should be a good finish to this series.

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