Puella Magi Madoka Magica – 12 [Final]

Madoka saves Homura and makes her wish.


I wasn’t really expecting this kind of ending. In fact it’s far more….not dark than I was expecting. Everything didn’t end in horrible despair, no one really “died” and the people who were dead came back. Yet, it was still good. I quite liked it.

I usually don’t like when people get brought back to life but here I felt there was a big enough sacrifice to do it. Bringing back Mami, Sayaka, and Kyoko at the price of Madoka no longer being remembered by anyone and having an existence beyond human I think works for the story.

I was surprised that Madoka actually did become basically like God, but not in a too powerful way. She wasn’t just god like or had the power of a god; she had to bare all the responsibilities of one and exist as one, looking out over the world.

Another thing that struck me, which is why I didn’t mind the giant reset is that things aren’t reset to perfect. I mean, there are still Puella out there who fight these demons, not witches and no one turns into a witch they just disappear. That may not sound like much of an improvement, but it’s a slight one. It means no more girls being forced to face turning into monsters and hurting others, no Walpurgis Night to kill everyone and no Madoka turning into a giant witch to blow up the world.

Overall the ending wasn’t quite what I was expecting. However I don’t dislike it and think that it really fits pretty nicely for the show. Madoka sacrifices herself in an existential way to bring back Kyoko and Mami and make it so there are no more witches they just disappear. Sure things aren’t perfect, Sayaka is still gone but she vanishes she doesn’t become a witch. It fits the theme of not everything can be perfect or happy but in the end Madoka made the world better, just not perfect.

Final Thoughts:

I mentioned some of this in previous posts such as the theories post before the final two episodes, but of course I’m going to repeat a bit here. I love this show. There will be plenty of people out there who dislike Madoka for legitimate reasons and for stupid reasons that stem from just wanting to dislike something that a majority of people don’t but all in all I don’t really care. I love the show far too much to really care what others say, so their options won’t change that this show has been amazing.

When I first picked up the show, I did so just because I like Mahou Shoujo shows. Even if they are normal Mahou Shoujo shows like Nanoha, Nanatsuiro Drops, or something similar there’s something about the genre I like, but I won’t get into it. I saw a Mahou Shoujo show by Shaft who always has awesome animation and figured what the hell. I watched the first two episodes and thought it was pretty cool, but nothing horribly special. It had the weird yet cool Shaft animation and some cool fight scenes with Mami but it seemed like it was still a typical Mahou Shoujo show.

Then episode three hit. Now I very much don’t agree with the idea that things such as Mami’s death is just for shock value. Yes it’s shocking but there is so much more to it. The death really started to show that the show wasn’t afraid to deal with something other than Mahou Shoujo. It dealt with first of all the horrors of being in a position where you had to save people. The fact that even though you may be fighting to protect the innocent lives. They go on to have a lot of deaths and a lot of big moments but the point is that although they may be big moments they have another purpose, each to show something.

The show itself simply gets into topics such as what it means to be human, if you can’t feel pain are you really alive, what you do if you know your life is doomed. There are many topics they come across from how the soul gems work but also much more. They get into the age old morality question of if the deaths of a few are justified by the deaths of many.

Kyubey is an AMAZING “villain” for the series. The best villains in anything, be them anime, movies, or books don’t view themselves as evil. They don’t go around cackling saying how they are the greatest evil ever and want to take over the world. They are doing what they believe is right. This fits Kyubey perfectly. He isn’t doing any of this out of malice. It may not be the right thing to do, I don’t agree with him and think he is super extra creepy but the point is he is doing this to save the universe. Simply his motives bring up the question of what is right. And not even that but the idea of if you become a Puella Magi, you will “die” is it worth it, are the lives you will save while a Puella Magi enough to make up for your own “death” in becoming a witch or any potential danger you pose.

All of these things together bring up why I love this show so much. There are all these different layers of big events happening while bringing up questions about the soul, what it means to be human, what your own life is worth, what you would do and go through to save others. In that way it is still a Magical Girl anime. It is about what it takes to save people but taking a much harsher look at it.

I did want to mention the characters a bit. First up being Madoka. At first she gave the impression of being the classic main character and someone who may even be a bit annoying. The kind of optimism and friendship is magic mentality gets kind of old but I was surprised at how little a lot of this came across during the big events. Sure she still had this very caring side to her as she tried to save Sayaka from herself but she kept a kind of strength while all around her things were happening that would easily overwhelm others.

Sayaka…I had some issues with, while at the same time I loved. Sayaka is a great character because she is far from perfect, which real people are. She got jealous, she got frustrated and angry, and she succumbed to stress and pressure. All of these things you don’t see often in characters even though they are things everyone deals with. She annoyed me a bit with how she seemed to feel like she knew everything right off the bat after becoming a Puella. Her attitude towards everyone really seemed hostile; she knew what she was doing even though she was only doing this for two seconds. The others may be a bit biased in their view on things with Kyoko being anti-helping others but she had a reason to it. And although Homura could have explained things better she knew what she was talking about too and tried to help but Sayaka was too stuck up to listen. Overall she’s a great character because she’s not. She has this big imperfection that resembles what real people would go through.

Mami…again I have slightly mixed feelings. For one though she’s f’ing cool as hell. I must have watched her fight scenes over and over again when they first appeared. Her method of fighting, the way she did it, her weapons; awesome. However there was also a part of her that again was kind of stuck up. Homura tried to warn her about Charlotte and Mami tied her up saying she knew what she was doing. Also she had a total breakdown in one timeline and killed Kyoko in cold blood because she might eventually become a witch. It’s one thing to do that to people who all agree on the situation and consent to doing so but to take it upon yourself and judge that seemed off. Then again she had that cool side to her because she had this kind of tragic story about being alone for so long and having finally met friends only to die.

Kyoko I feel could have got more attention but looking at it there isn’t really a lot of time for that. At first I wasn’t a huge fan but after she gave the story about how she had basically been the cause of her father going crazy and killing their whole family and him was huge. She knew what she was talking about, she knew that making certain wishes and being in this life carried consequences not simply from the dangers itself but from what you had become and what it meant for how you live your life and how others view you. Her death, while sudden I thought fit well. They definitely could have added some more buildup perhaps or made her death carry a bit more emotion but it had a point even it was harder to see. Kyoko and Sayaka were very similar. They were each other, Kyoko simply having learned from the mistakes Sayaka was making and by sacrificing herself she kind of accepted her own mistakes and became more true to herself, doing something for the sake of others which she had previously sworn off.

And finally, my love, Homura. Episode 10 was what cemented Homura has the awesome character she is. Previously she was interesting, but she didn’t do much other than interfere. She had some cool moments such as effortlessly killing Charlotte but what really makes her great was her backstory, her motivation, and what’s she’s gone through. When I first saw past-Homura I thought it was so adorable and cute. Seeing her shy and weak was adorable, seeing her innocence it was great and then I realized that it was horribly depressing and tragic. It was tragic because it shows that this is who Homura used to be when compared to what she is no, someone who has to be cold and calculating. All that she’s gone through has changed her so much and she’s done all of it for the sake of saving Madoka, saving her friends, and saving the world. Seeing your friends die over and over again cannot be easy and especially when the only friend you’ve ever have hates you and you have to let her hate you because you know that being friends hasn’t worked in the past, it’s sad. You could see a look on Homura’s face when Madoka first saw her and she had this painful look before she stepped up and started acting cruel to her. Because she knew that she even had to sacrifice the friendship to save her.

Overall, as you can tell simply by the fact I wrote A LOT on this I loved the show. The characters were great because they had unique aspects to them while also balancing imperfections making them more relatable and making them someone you can really empathize with. The story was great simply because the story was dealing with these big issues like what it means to be human and self-sacrifice. These all meshed really well and I loved it.

5 thoughts on “Puella Magi Madoka Magica – 12 [Final]”

  1. Actually Madoka’s reset did not revive everyone. Mami and Kyoko are alive because they died fighting witches. However if you watch it again you notice Sayaka does die but does not turn into a witch. Madoka’s wish has made her into a goddess of magical girls since she prevents them from turning into witches. However the best part about this ending is that alot of people wanted to see Madoka make a wish to screw QB over, which she did. Not only did she prevent herself from destroying the world, she rescued every magical girl that existed, EVER, and will exist.

  2. Right, I may have phrased it oddly but I understand Sayaka still disappears but the overall point was that her reset doesn’t make things perfect, but still better.

  3. Two lingering questions.
    1. What happens to the magical girls if they simply don’t fight and when was this explained? I don’t think it was explained in the series. I assume that to not fight somehow you had fallen into despair and lost hope as a magical girl, turning them to witches.

    2. What exactly did kyubey do with the grief stones he incubated?

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