Ao no Exorcist – First Impressions

I think this series got off on the right foot. It might have taken it’s time getting to the more serious developments, but I liked getting to know the lead and his situation. I thought visually the series looked great and that it should be a fun show to watch.


Rin seems like a pretty good lead just from the first episode. Sure he gets into trouble, but I think anyone should take action if they see birds being tortured like that. Frankly I was all behind Rin when he just took the fight to them. Also who could blame him from helping out with the scarf and that poor girl? Well apparently his boss, but the point remains. I’d say this latest development really is for the best. He just can’t work normal jobs with his level of strength and now that he can see what used to be hidden in the world. School clearly isn’t his strong suit either and so it doesn’t leave him with many options. Still I feel bad for him learning such a tough truth like that. Finding out that demons are out there is one thing, but findind out you are the son of Satan….that’s tough.

His twin is a pretty interesting character and I’m still trying to get a feel for him. He can be hard on Rin at times when it’s not his fault that things turn out like that. But other times he can be rather caring and try to support him. A hard worker who has an older brother that gets into a lot of trouble. I’m not sure if he has any issues with his brother or if he just gets frustrated at times. We’ll have to wait and see how his character turns out and his connection to this Satan thing.

The show visually looked pretty good from first impressions. If they can keep this up through the whole series I’ll be really happy. Never know with first episodes since it can start low and build up or look great and slowly get worse. But for now I like how the series has looked.

The ‘father figure’ for Rin was a great character also. Not overly easy on him, but also pretty kind. I liked the scene with him helping with the tie. It’s going to be rough to get an explanation and finding out the truth. His father’s exorcism job went from being something silly to being something incredibly serious. That guy has a lot of things to explain and I look forward to hearing them.

ED Impressions:

It’s got a pretty nice tempo to it. Not quite the silent ending nor super energetic either. It does build up nicely in the middle and think it’ll be a fine one to listen to. Visually it’s not the most amazing ED I’ve seen. They are mostly just running straight for most of this down roads and then finally ending up in a field with the glowing blue sword that will be important to the series. Not the best ED I’ve seen this season, but not bad either.

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