Freezing – First Impressions

Well looks like I forgot to post this when I actually finished the series, so here it is now. The reason I probably forgot to post anything about it was probably due to the fact that it wasn’t very good…at all. There are some anime that have this physics in place such as a missed punch will cause someone’s top to shred into multiple pieces which this anime falls under however that alone doesn’t mean the series has to be bad, but in this case it was. Sometimes you can take a show like that at what it is, accept that aspect, and enjoy other parts of it. However if you ignore that aspect for this show it still comes up short.

The show seemed to lack any content really. The first ten episodes dealt with Satella being a tsundere and them having these tiffs against the upperclassmen. Never really advancing the characters beyond what they showed in the first two episodes and not advancing the plot until the last two. They only really then started to actually deal with these Novas at the very last episode and they just kind of threw the threat together. Oh, all of a sudden this enemy we haven’t seen anything of so far has appeared in unprecedented numbers, let’s go. Now I’m not opposed to some big event like that happening at the end but when it follows the rest of the show which was pretty much all fluff, it starts to lose some of its appeal.

Overall even though a show like this can have some very interesting premises and ideas behind it, its genre doesn’t make it an auto-fail, doesn’t mean that it can’t in fact be bad, like this was.

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