Gosick – 13

Kujo sees a movie with Avril and finds a man dying at his school.


As always Kujo’s lack of understanding of girls amazes. Of course Avril would come back earlier than planned. It’s a lot easier to have fun for the whole summer if you have a friend along than if you are by yourself. By leaving at the last minute he threw her entire plans into disarray. That kind of explanation should have been obvious to him at least. Of course an even more pressing reason was her not being able to stand Kujo being alone with Victorique while she was gone for the whole summer. Oh well, at least she got a date to the movies with him. Though he couldn’t stay awake during it….It’s times like this that I think Avril would be better off focusing on another guy. Victorique is the only one that should have to deal with a dense male lead like Kujo. Still have to give her credit for putting in so much effort. Fail points on Kujo though for napping during the movie and wanting to get away as soon as he could. Honestly he should just propose to Victorique already, he can’t leave her alone for 5 minutes.

Anyways the actual case wasn’t too bad. We have a very familiar face having been seen with the victim. This might be the first conflict between him and Victorique or it might just be a coincidence. The death does make me wonder about how he died. One of his fingers was looking purple though the rest of his hand looked ok. There really isn’t much to go with right now since he died suddenly and his only words were the name of the alchemist. You’d assume someone’s last words would be rather important so there must be some connection. Of course this series hasn’t shown supernatural sides to itself so I’m not betting on an alchemist that’s supposed to be dead being the killer. Of course it’s possible a descendent is doing the crime.

I did love Victorique getting upset about something written a long time ago. She really has some insane pride though I suppose with her intelligence that’s not unexpected.

ED Impressions:

Honestly I think the old ED is worlds better than this new ED. It’s not really bad, but the old was was just much better. It’s a nice song and the images are solid, but it doesn’t have the same appeal to it. Really the most positive part of this ED is seeing Victorique in an array of different outfits.

4 thoughts on “Gosick – 13”

  1. Glad that Victorique didn’t change her purple outfit. It looks more refreshing and cute that way. Nothing much can be said about this arc ; my only wish is to hope that Bryan Roscoe takes part on this arc.

  2. I am really starting to feel bad for Avril. Poor girl is pretty, nice and also taking initiative and Kujo actually prefers the ojou-sama and arrogantish Victorique instead? >_>

    I don’t mind Kujo and Victorique being partners, I don’t even mind them being a couple at some point, but I really really feel bad for Avril, and given how much of a good person she is, it really gulls me that Kujo is totally ignoring her…

    That said, it was nice to see Grevil actually not look like a dork. I’ve actually gained quite a bit of respect for him over the past few episodes. I really felt bad for him with his whole love interest. He clearly liked the woman for her personality, and even went as far as to eternally embarrass himself for her.

    At the same time, My distaste for Victorique is totally increasing. Even if she was at a rather bad state when she made Grevil do what he did, she could kinda release him now XD

    IT was odd actually seeing Victorique venture out on her own, and from the looks of it, it wasn’t a good idea. We’re gonna see what happens next episode and I can hardly wait! =D

  3. @Lord Huggington
    Yeah I’m betting he’ll be pretty critical going forward. If they are going to cover all the novels in 24/26 episodes then we’ll have to see more of this guy who should be a major opponent for Victorique.

    Yeah tough to say too much about this arc when it’s just getting started. Can say Brian Roscoe is going to be fairly important.

    Yeah I really feel sympathy for Avril. Really there are a lot of positives to her. She’s been friendly, actually gone after the guy she wants, and is giving an effort. Sadly in some cases their interests vary (he’s not into the ghost stories like her) and he’s already completely absorbed in Victorique. Guess loli works for him :). Do feel sorry for how this is looking for Avril. Victorique is going to get the guy and he can’t do more than try hard to just leave. Sadly Kujo really doesn’t get girls so it’s a problem.

    I have gained more respect for Grevil than I planned to. His back-story was actually quite good and you could see how much he loved that woman. He did all that and didn’t end up with the girl. Even though it meant living with such a bizarre hairstyle if she’s happy then I think it’s fine by him. Still really I think it’d be for the best for Victorique to say that’s enough.

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