Deadman Wonderland – First Impressions

I’ll say right now this is probably the series I was looking forward to. Having read some of the manga I was definitely up for this one. The series was near the end when I stopped, but I still don’t know how it ended. I think all things considered that a good job was done with the first episode here.


It was a given that they were going to change the great disaster that hit Japan from an earthquake. No way could they mention something like that after they suffered such a huge disaster. In the end the earthquake really isn’t the important thing, all that matters was that a huge disaster hit that changed life forever. For Ganta the disaster clearly wasn’t something that he thought much about since it was 10 years in the past and he’s living a pretty normal and happy life. That just makes what happens next all the more tragic. One moment they are talking about a trip and the next his friends are dead. It’d be one thing if they just died, but being ripped apart like that is just horrifying. I think most people would be seriously damaged emotionally from that kind of sight.

Things of course only get worse for Ganta as the episode goes on. Not only is he not given time to absorb his loss but he’s set up for the murders. It’s just insane to be put on trial like that and then to see that video. Sadly we don’t get to see the evidence used against Ganta so it’s hard to tell how much of the trial was fake. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the jury and the judge were paid off. This whole thing just screams of being a kangaroo court. The video was probably in part just to convince his family and the other parents that he was either evil or that he snapped. It definitely didn’t help that his lawyer was not on his side at all and was there to help set him up. Regardless the trial itself isn’t so important compared to where Ganta is going and how it affects him. His mental state is just a mess from living his life one moment to being on death row in Deadman Wonderland.

Things do get interesting at the end though. That red jewel that the Red Man stabbed Ganta with has clearly resulted in him getting similar powers. The obvious question is why. Why leave Ganta alive and do this to him? Is it just to be cruel or for some other reason? Whatever the reason it has given Ganta a tool for his revenge. He can’t bring his friends back, but at least he can use this power to try and avenge them. The appearance of Shiro is also pretty interesting. She seems to know Ganta though he doesn’t seem to know her. Though they have mentioned his bad memory already so who knows. Either way she gives him a precious friend after he’s lost so many.

He’s going to need friends to survive in this situation. We’ve already seen what happens to people who run out of time. The collars appear to have a counter on them which keep dialing down towards zero. It would appear those ‘candies’ help to reset the clock and keep people alive. A very critical piece of information is how the guy who bumped into Ganta ‘accidentally’ was eating a piece of candy with a grin. If that was Ganta’s….Anyways this is going to be a tough place to survive for someone like Ganta. He may have awakened this power but other than that he’s a normal kid.

Anyways, I think this was a good start to the series. While some of the brutality done in the classroom was censored it was still a brutal start to the series. My only concern with this series is going to be length. The manga is nearly done, but you can’t even come close to finishing this with a 13 episode series. Honestly you probably can’t do it with 26 episodes either. If they want to do this series right then it’s going to demand a much longer amount of episodes. Guess we’ll see how it turns out.

ED Impressions:

Holy crap, spoiler central. Seriously anyone who hasn’t seen the ED avoid it. Those pictures have a good emotional impact if you have read the manga, but it’s best to not pay attention to them now. It was actually a pretty nice song overall though. Definitely a kind of relaxing song that you need after a rough episode. Still I honestly say if you haven’t seen the manga, don’t watch the ED again.

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