Gosick – 12

Kujo is invited on a summer trip and receives a package from home.


I’ll say Victorique did herself some justice by the end of the episode. It’s tough to find a really good way to cheer up Kujo when he has some reasons to feel a bit down. He doesn’t have the aggressive personality or bulk of his brother or father. Also anyone who’s watched the series knows Kujo is hardly a genius. He can be given credit for how well he’s fought in life or death situations so far, but with his constant “ehhhh” you really can’t give him credit for his brain. Not that Kujo isn’t a good guy and that’s one of his important qualities. He stood and protected Victorique when their lives were on the line. Also in reality Victorique has a good point. There are always going to be people better than you at something. No one is perfect in every possible thing. Victorique is a genius, but no one would call her all round skilled. Instead of looking for people who are better than you the important thing is to focus on what you are good at and appreciate those things.

Poor Avril; I mean she is kind enough to offer Kujo a vacation from that school and it says something that she invited him specifically. Instead he changes his mind at the last possible moment not giving her a chance to invite anyone else so she has to go alone. I understand not liking the idea of leaving Victorique alone, but it wasn’t like he was going to stay forever. He could have gone for a while and cut the trip a bit short by going back alone. In reality unless he has decided right now to marry Victorique they aren’t going to be sticking together forever. There is no harm in a small trip. Considering that he probably can’t afford to really go home with the distance to Japan there will be time to spend with Victorique. I’m not saying it wasn’t a nice surprise for Victorique for him to show up, but just that it’s too bad for Avril that he did.

Anyways some cute moments in the episode. Victorique’s reaction to Kujo coming back was great along with how she gave the candy a special place. Of course can’t forget her dressing up and trying to bring tea. It’s too bad that she isn’t the most physical to begin with and the outfit was hindering her. Was funny to see her besting Kujo’s brother so badly. Though to be fair the guy is just smart and not some super genius.

I did like some focus being given to Kujo’s past and family situation. Was good to point out how he was just running away from his family. His brothers might have been proud, but I wonder how his family overall saw his move? His sister looked sad though it might have been just missing him. Considering how close he was with his sister and mother they could have realized that he was just running. At least that running has lead to something good for Kujo. Meeting and being able to protect Victorique has changed his mindset. I’m sure both Kujo and Victorique will continue to change each other as the series continues on.

Not a bad episode, though I’m looking forward to the next serious situation these two get into.

2 thoughts on “Gosick – 12”

  1. As far as summer vacation themed episodes go, I didn’t mind this one. Usually such episodes are incredibly light, and don’t really go anywhere, winding up as just filler. I do appreciate that this one took some time to develop the characters a bit more. While it was nice to get some more background on Kujo, it was also interesting that Victorica seems to be regressing a bit, pushing Kujo away since she’s started having those nightmares.

  2. @LordHuggington
    Yeah it wasn’t a bad episode for that kind of theme. It was nice that they used this episode to fit in some of the character development that was kind of left out of earlier arcs. I didn’t think much of it, but you might be right about Victorique falling back a bit. Think her talk with Grevil and those dreams are affecting her. Considering what kind of person she used to be there are probably doubts in her.

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