Steins;Gate – First Impressions

Well if I can say anything it’s that Steins;Gate had an interesting start to it. It managed to give us the identity of some of the main characters and gave us a taste of what we can expect. While I might like to have a better idea of what’s going on it’s not necessary for the first episode. Maybe having the same confusion as Rintarou is fitting.


We’ve got some interesting characters already to deal with. Rintarou is a guy that actually calls himself a mad scientist. Not that I’d call him a liar since he really does seem to be a bit nuts. He’s got some pretty out there inventions and the talking to himself thing probably isn’t a good sign. Of course he’s probably one of the most entertaining protagonists we’ve seen in a while. It’s a nice treat when the lead is this entertaining and not some boring guy. Mayuri is a pretty interesting girl as well calling herself a hostage. A cute girl though a bit strange herself at times. Still it’s clear that she gets Rintarou as much as someone can. Some other interesting characters are the hacker and of course Kurisu. The appearance of that girl really made everything get a bit crazy.

And here is where the mystery starts. We had Kurisu talking to Rintarou about how he was trying to warn her about something. Clearly he had no idea what she meant and it wasn’t because he’s a bit loony. We saw most of his actions around the time that he should have been talking to her. Considering we see her later stabbed one would think there is a connection. Since the summaries have talked plenty about time travel I’m going to have to assume that was part of this. If Rintarou knew that she was in danger and tried to warn her by going back in time it might make some sense. Of course clearly he did a pretty bad job of warning her since she still got killed. While I say this it seems things went completely differently a few moments later. We saw Kurisu alive at the end of the episode and the conference we saw was apparently cancelled due to that fallen satelite. Did Rintarou figure out that the message failed and somehow made a satelite fall hours earlier to prevent the situation from ever happening? Plus what’s with the whole empty world that Rintarou saw? Was it a consequence of the timeline changing and him experiencing that? I have no idea, but I’m looking forward to finding out.

Anyways I think we got a good start from this series. It seems like I’m going to enjoy watching this show.

ED Impressions:

I think it was a fairly good ED. The song was enjoyable and pretty relaxing. But it also builds up pretty nicely with some energy towards the end. The visuals weren’t crazy, but pretty nice as well. Think the brief images of clocks and the glass shards that combine back into an hourglass has some good symbolism. Just reminds you that time is going to be important to the series and maybe as well trying to fix things. With the last image being a girl with purple hair one can only speculate.

4 thoughts on “Steins;Gate – First Impressions”

  1. The first episode really tossed a lot at us that made me a little confused, but that’s par for the course with shows about time travel: show a bunch of seemingly random events, then bring them all together in a logical manner as the series progresses. I do like Okarin though. He really seems to enjoy being a mad scientist! :p

  2. A confusing first episode. Crazy things happen in Akihabara, Akihabara is not save anymore. I’m still confuse about the time travel related or something like that…

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