To Aru Majutsu no Index II – Final Impressions

The last arc was a pretty huge in setting up the magic and science conflicts that are coming and showing where Accelerator is going to fit into it.


So much went on during this arc that it’s hard to know where to start off. I think the biggest thing would be to mention how this was Accelerator’s time to shine. He definitely gives a very different feel from Touma especially in how he deals with things. The way he brutally took care of those troops was pretty ugly. I eventually got to read the novel version of how the fight went down and it was pretty brutal. This whole arc just showed how Accelerator will do whatever he has to and won’t hold back. Things like gender really don’t matter when it comes to him taking care of business. Last Order is the most important person in his life and he will do whatever it takes to secure her future. Now that’s a pretty hard thing to accomplish thanks to the city needing her for it’s strange Angel project.

Kazakiri definitely deserves some sympathy for what she went through. Being turned into something like that without any ability to communicate must have been horrifying. I can’t really blame her for wanting Touma’s hand to just destroy her. Trying so hard to feel like a human and then being manipulated like that is pretty bad. Good job by Index to help save the day. The magic and science combination is pretty complex so I’m not quite sure how it worked, but still good job. It really was impressive since she helped Accelerator out. One moment he can’t move and then the next he’s pulling out weird black wings and blowing Kihara into space. It seems like Accelerator is more than just a level 5 esper.

The loli swap that kept going on during the arc was pretty fun as well. Definitely weird having Index and Accelerator interact. Everything around Touma was just crazy with Mikoto’s punishment game, the clones, and Last Order all being around. That guy’s harem could reach scary levels if the rest of the clones start to share their original’s interest….

One can’t talk about this arc though without the war that is on the horizon. The attack by Vento just completely set things into motion. Of course could argue that Touma’s actions and his involvement with Index helped to push things further along. Regardless now it’s pretty much impossible to avoid the major conflict that will come. When even regular students know a war is coming then its pretty much time to duck and cover. Who knows what kinds of crazy strategies both sides have prepared. We already saw the darkness of science with using Last Order and Kazakiri like that. Magic was prepared to use that cross to just make Academy City part of their domain.

I think GROUP deserves some focus as well since they have plenty of characters of interest. Accelerator of course is a big part of it. Then you have Tsuchimikado who of course has been part of a few arcs and is a friend of Toumas. I was surprised to see Awaki there after her beating from Accelerator earlier. I suppose helping her colleges who assisted during her crazy stunts is reason enough for her to cooperate like this. Finally we have Etzali who was so interested in Mikoto in the first season that he made Touma agree to a promise that really touched Mikoto. I have to give the guys credit for going so far as to join GROUP just for Mikoto’s sake. Of course too bad she is really just interested in Touma so he has no chance. No one in that group really likes the upper echelon of Academy City who has control of them. They are probably going to make some big moves in the next season.

Mikoto’s mother and Touma really should be smacked in the head for their actions at the end of this arc. I mean not involving Mikoto was selfish and incredibly stupid of them. Touma has no special powers against regular people and guns. If it was some nutty group of level 3’s then sure I say have at them. But this was Skill-Out who make their living off taking on espers. Touma got incredibly lucky and if Accelerator hadn’t been there then they’d be dead and just because they don’t want to get a level 5 involved. She could have gone through there and taken care of Skill-Out without problems. I really don’t think Mikoto would have been very happy to find out that the guy she likes and her mother both got killed and she never got a call.

Final Words:

Season 2 was not too bad overall. Really it feels like the season was just getting up to speed when it ended. The first few arcs weren’t that amazing and by the end you were looking forward to what was coming next. Season 3 is without a doubt coming, but we’ve just got to wait for it. All we can do is judge Index based on what we got during these few arcs and wait for what’s next.

The series really has established a couple of lead figures now. We have Touma giving his usual speeches that are occasional full of nonsense. Then we have Accelerator who will shoot people with a variety of guns if they get in his way. Very different guys, but both are going to be important as the story continues to unfold.

I think the series did a better job this time not explaining all the powers and getting into the actual fights. They still had speeches, but it’s Index so that’s to be expected. Plus I think having a few different leads now taking more action helps to add some variety. Nothing has been really resolved in terms of romance with Touma still being pretty dense. Though it’s clear that Mikoto and Index have at least recognized each other as rivals in this. A slight disadvantage might go to Mikoto since Kuroko is obsessed and she’s not really good at being honest about her feelings.

It was what I expected from Index overall. We had some big fights, speeches, and some pretty good animation. I’m probably more eager to see the next season now than I was at the end of season 1. Now just to wait and see what we get next from this series. I’d probably bet on another Railgun season and then getting more Index after that. At least they have plenty to work with. It’s tough to really put a number on this since its just one part of a larger picture. I’d probably go with an 8/10 since there were some good moments and it was pretty fun to watch.

One thought on “To Aru Majutsu no Index II – Final Impressions”

  1. Touma got incredibly lucky and if Accelerator hadn’t been there then they’d be dead and just because they don’t want to get a level 5 involved. She could have gone through there and taken care of Skill-Out without problems. I really don’t think Mikoto would have been very happy to find out that the guy she likes and her mother both got killed and she never got a call.

    If we observe things from a rational perspective, I suppose it was unwise of them to pass on calling Mikoto for help, especially when you take into account the possibility of Misuzu and Touma getting killed at the end. And yes, Mikoto would have been extremely hurt if that was to happen. However, I wonder if it would be as easy if we look at the situation from a more emotional perspective. Misuzu passed on calling Mikoto because of her so-called “pride” as a parent. If she called Mikoto for help, she would be showing her own weakness in a way and that to Misuzu is considered a failure as a parent. I guess it’s something like a natural decision for parents to avoid involving their kids in their own problems as much as possible whether it is out of love, pride or both. Perhaps they rather die than drag their kids into their mess. If Mikoto was hurt or even killed during the skirmish with the Skill Out, Misuzu would never forgive herself for involving Mikoto. As for Misuzu involving Touma, that wasn’t her intention. It was Touma who decided to butt into the problem himself. Misuzu called Antiskill but they didn’t respond to her call. Touma was the only other person in Academy City who she has contact details for. Most likely she called him with the intention of getting him to look for help from the city’s security forces since she suspected her phone call to the Antiskill could have been intercepted by someone else. As usual, Touma is too stubborn to listen and rather plays the hero. ^_^

    Anyway, yes, that was quite a satisfactory season. The stories more or less had a similar feel to the ones in Season 1, except I find that Season 2’s arcs had a tad more variety to them and were more exciting thanks to the introduction of a new lot of characters as well as more intricate plots. With the amount of material present after this arc, there’s no doubt they will bring out a Season 3 in the future. Until then, perhaps we’ll get Railgun 2 next. :)

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