Gosick – 11

Grevil gets a call from his father and the story behind his hairstyle is revealed.


I can’t believe that I actually enjoyed an episode that had this much Grevil in it. They did a nice job helping to flesh him out in this one. It’s kind of sad that things didn’t work out with the childhood friend. While he definitely can be cold with Victorique that doesn’t mean that things should have gone like that for him. He did everything possible to clear Jacqueline’s name and that lead to her being married to someone else. Naturally she really looked up to Grevil when they were younger and if he had confessed earlier then things might have gone his way. Not sure why he didn’t if it had to do with just not having the courage, wanting to protect the relationship they had, or not feeling like he deserved to until he really established himself. Regardless he is now permanently stuck in the friend zone and because of his family will have to get married sooner or later to someone else.

On a less serious note, I can’t believe that Grevil actually had pretty nice hair when he was younger. Maybe there was a bit too much of it, but really it’s worlds better than the drill. That was a pretty rough price for Victorique to ask him to pay. Of course it’s worse for us to watch than it is for Grevil to live with. Not much point in having a good hairstyle if the girl you like is already married. Really do wonder about the feelings when Victorique made that demand of Grevil for her information. She really seemed like a zombie at that time. Maybe she thought a hairstyle wasn’t a big deal. Or maybe she did think that it was a much harsher price to pay than abandoning his feelings. Regardless Victorique isn’t the same person now. Her life outside that basement and with Kujo has changed her into someone very different.

It really wasn’t a bad episode. We got a funny comparison between Victorique and a squirrel and got to find out where that crazy hairstyle came from. I’m sure we’re going to be moving into more serious places soon. Maybe one of the biggest parts of the episode was that short conversation between Grevil and his father. That guy hardly seems like a great person. Tries to replace his son with a brilliant child from a person he saw in a club and when he finds out her history he locks up an innocent child in a basement. I sure hope that guy gets smacked a few times.

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