Fractale – 11 [Final]

Phryne decides to unite with Nessa and the world’s future is affected.


Now this was a busy episode with everything coming together. This series did show early that they didn’t mind killing some characters so it wasn’t a complete shock at how many died here. We lost Sunda, the Grand Priestess, Barrot, a bunch of unnamed people, and Dias. Of course I didn’t really care about most of those people so it wasn’t a bother for me to deal with that. Sunda has developed pretty well so his death was a little sad, but at least he went down fighting for what he believed in. I still don’t agree with all the things that Sunda did, but in the end I don’t hate his character. Now I have no problem with Dias dying. That crazy bastard deserved to go. He took the Grand Priestess with him though she was so nuts that it didn’t likely bother her. Honestly they probably would have made good friends with them both being insane.

The really big thing here was the conclusion to the Phyrne and Nessa situation. At least now we have an excuse for Phryne’s silly actions that isn’t just about her making bad decisions. If Nessa was reaching her limit it makes sense that she would have to go through with this combination. I had a feeling that something was bound to happen since it couldn’t just end as simply the trio living together same as always. Though that was a pretty close ending to it. It was interesting seeing the original Phryne that this system has twisted into a God. Just tragic that the girl went through so much and that her clones also went through such horrible experiences. In the end the combination of Nessa and Phryne was pretty interesting. We didn’t get to see much of it, but it was enough to comfort people. Nessa is still there inside of that body and Phryne is in there also. There wasn’t some loss of both into a fusion of someone completely different. Though no idea how the girls are going to end up sharing that body.

A random question I have is what happened to Clain’s mom. I mean we know his father likely died from illness, but I’m just not sure what the state of his mother is. We don’t see her doppel at the house though maybe she just wasn’t around at that particular time. Suppose it’s just a random mystery.

I think the series handled the future of the Fractale system in a reasonable way. The system isn’t going to just vanish overnight so people are going to have time to adjust. Now of course it’s going to be quite some time before the system completely falls apart; So while they can’t reboot the system that’s not going to affect most people. Though I’m still not sure how the system was ‘rebooted’ anyways. If the problem was falling satellites wouldn’t the most that could be done be to stabilize those left? It’s not like that weird fusion could spawn more satellites. Regardless this situation will let more people change their lifestyles which will be passed on to generations that won’t have the Fractale system. It’s important for people to learn how to interact with others and do some work. Another important thing will be to build up technical knowledge since when the system eventually fails people will need technology to avoid falling into a dark age. Also keeping the system around for now will be a comfort to those people who can’t interact with others without the system.

Too bad for Enri in some ways. She doesn’t get to join the Clain harem and she had a lot on her plate. It’s going to be tough to be a responsible leader and still have a life.

Anyways not a bad last episode at all. It cleared the plate and my only complaint is that there wasn’t more time spent with Clain and the new Phryne/Nessa.

Final Words:

I think this series has been a good ride. There were some expectations that it was going to be more of a journey with Clain and Nessa trying to find Phryne. Now while they actually did have to chase her down a few times it wasn’t quite like that. They gave us a look at a pretty huge system and how people were living. I don’t think it was a bad approach to have Clain get involved with Lost Millennium and travel around with them most of the time.

The series deserves some credit for not holding back or painting either side as pure. Lost Millennium’s attack on that ceremony remains a strong reminder of the problems they had. They didn’t hold back the fact that people could and would die during these struggles. Of course the actions of Dias were more evidence that just because you’re fighting against a problematic system doesn’t mean you can’t do horrible things. Of course the perverted Barrot who was definitely a pedophile showed the darkness of the church. The sight of those girls being disintegrated had a powerful impact on Clain.

Overall, the characters in this series were pretty good. The main trio of Clain, Nessa, and Phryne were all likable and with their flaws. There was huge growth for Clain who started the series out as a guy who was bored, but didn’t see anything really bad about the system he was living in. By the end Clain was ready to fight to protect those he loved and could actually express that feeling. Nessa was an adorable character who brought a lot of life to the show. Think Nessa just annihilating that Fractale city proved how incredible she could be. Phryne was a character with a lot of issues that of course came from the terrible things done to her. She went from a person who didn’t believe she deserved to be loved to someone who could tell Clain how she felt. Characters like Enri were good for laughs, but also had depth.

Maybe one of the downsides was that the series was only eleven episodes. They managed to tell a nice story over that time, but giving another episode just to flesh out some more things would have been nice.

In the end will say I enjoyed watching Fractale. It might not be the best anime ever made, but it was fun to watch. I’ll go with a 9/10 just because they created a good world, told a good story, and had likable characters to go through that story with.

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