Infinite Stratos – Final Impressions

An IS goes berserk which forces the school to take action against it.


The last arc mostly dealt with a ‘rogue’ American and Israel collaborated IS project. Of course it wasn’t really rough since it was heavily hinted that Tabane who is Houki’s older sister hacked some systems to make this happen. Clearly she wanted her sister to end up with Ichika and has gone to incredible lengths to make it happen. There are questions if she actually engineered Ichika running into the IS that helped him get into the school in the first place. What’s more clear is her making a super superior IS for Houki that just so happens to have a power recharge ability. How impressive that it matches up so well with Ichika’s IS and thus should help them be a combination more going forward. I really think the moment that the world has a good read on her position that she will be labelled an international criminal. She likely caused the first IS incident and now caused one of the major nations to have a serious set-back with their IS projects. Considering how many lives she has endangered on her whims I wouldn’t be surprised to see her locked up in some prison never to be seen again.

It was a Houki arc and should have been expected with her very slim character development over the majority of the series. She at least tried to make Ichika recognize her as a woman, but with his stupidity who knows how that went. It helped solidify her wish to protect his back while he is trying to protect everything else. Can’t say I was ever that happy with Houki’s character, but at least she got some development here.

Final Words:

In the end this is a harem series with some issues.

I think a problem is how quickly they were introducing characters and how quickly they just butchered said characters. Rin was the most obvious example of this. She started out as a second childhood friend with some rational thinking. By the end she just jumps into her IS ready to murder Ichika when he’s with another girl. Really at this point she’s just a shell of her former self that’s kept in the series for fights. Cecilia wasn’t really a great character to begin with and just falls to being similar to Rin and part of their comedy duo act. Charlotte manages to stay a solid character to the end though in the last arc fell back since it was time for Houki to be in the spotlight. Laura was a bit odd, but no real complaints there. Ichika of course was a huge idiot during the series. He really never got that girls were interested in him despite being the only guy for miles around. Charlotte’s more direct actions were better since he couldn’t ignore that and Houki was trying more directly at the end also. But really he’s a good guy who takes the dense harem lead title to the extremes.

When the fights were actually going on I thought they were pretty good. The fight with Ichika and Charlotte against Laura and Houki was probably the best in the series. There was solid tactics being used and it was pretty entertaining. The other fights seemed mostly to have Ichika misusing his trump card ability and him needing to save the day. Still the designs of the IS were pretty nice and the fights did look good. I think the series might have been better off with less focus being on the weak harem elements and focusing more on the fights. The big scene at the start was just the final battle against a rogue IS. The fact that all of it happened because Tabane wanted to help give her sister a debut and get closer to Ichika just makes it a weak climax to the show.

In the end I’m sure most didn’t have high expectations for this. Honestly at some parts it was tough to keep on watching at all. I’m still glad that I hung in there since Charlotte helped signal a turnaround for the series. In the end it’s a pretty generic harem with some mech battles thrown in. If you can handle the harem or are just desperate for some mech action then this could be a show to watch.

I still think it’s only worth a 6/10 though.

3 thoughts on “Infinite Stratos – Final Impressions”

  1. I have to agree with your review. I thought the early episodes could have help Infinite Stratos rise above the average expectations it was given. But with the lack of animation quality control starting episode 9 and the weak ending, the series just got stuck in the average pile, to be quickly forgotten by most viewers. The ending also makes me worry of I am to expect when I read the third volume of the original light novels by Izuru Yumizuru, since what I have read so far is nearly identical to the anime.

    But then there are six volumes to Infinite Stratos, so maybe a second season to animate the rest of the original works could make this better?

  2. @Liberator
    Well I haven’t read the novels, but I do remember hearing from a few people that the series changed some things up with the last episodes. They still left it more than capable of going into a second season though. Think they just wanted to get a Houki arc in since she was the first female shown off.

    I guess it might help to have some more novels animated in a second season. Though it depends on how things are handled since to this point there have been serious casualties like with Rin. If the second season had the whole group coming together to stop Tabane before she unleashes another disaster in order to prove her latest invention I might be there :).

    But think extra episodes could go either way. A second season might help make the series overall better or it could just get worse.


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