Dragon Crisis – Final Impressions

I wasn’t expecting much from this anime, and it’s a good thing too because there wasn’t much to it in the end. The series was little more than these small little adventures and unrelated incidents, and then the bigger plot points they did have fell apart or weren’t very important. At least Rose became articulate though, and wasn’t refined to Pokémon syndrome of only saying her name, so it helped make her character better but the main problem was just that there wasn’t much going on in the show.

However near the end there seemed to be a little hope. They talked about this thing called a Dragon Crisis, you know what the series is named after, and how it has some unique and mysterious ability to control or manipulate dragons. Did they talk about that anymore? Did they have some great drama behind the power of such ability versus genuine compassion and understanding or how it affected his relationships? No, no they didn’t. Did they pretty much ignore the fact that they introduced such a thing? Yes, yes they did. They simply said “Oh, I guess Onyx was lying, tehehe” I mean, seriously? The show didn’t have a lot of big plot points or any depth to it really except for this one concept that they then don’t use. It seemed just horribly stupid.

In the end though I was fairly impressed with how despite being an obviously harem anime that he seemed to choose to be with Rose. Although it wasn’t set in stone or anything, there wasn’t some huge declaration the fact that he was holding her hand, he said he loved her, and all those things are a hell of a lot more than most anime in a similar genre do. It’s not as much as a more romance focused anime or anything, but it was much more than I was expecting, and I liked that a lot. However this didn’t really make up for the rest of the show, which overall was just very unimpressive.

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