Fractale – 10

Phryne tries to negotiate as Clain and Nessa arrive at the Temple.


Well I’ll say that Phryne really has helped make this situation a disaster. One can argue that it’s helping to push the series towards a conclusion, but I still think that she messed up badly. I mean her whole plan was to try and negotiate the end of a war between two sides that are opposed to the other and her backup position was threatening suicide!? In the end she didn’t accomplish anything but hand the keys pretty much into Fractale’s hands. Now there are some things Phryne couldn’t have known and I accept that. But Phryne should have known that Clain and Nessa weren’t going to sit around and wait for her. It just wasn’t a smart idea at all.

No surprise that Dias had ugly plans up his sleeve. That the guy would be a hypocrite and remove terminals from others by force and keep one for himself doesn’t surprise me. He’s the type of person that will do anything to win and accomplish his goals. I’m not sure if the guy just doesn’t have morals or is a psychopath. Either way he’s dangerous and I worry for the future of the world if he’s involved in it.

Who would have guessed that the High Priestess was also nuts? I didn’t exactly expect her to start strangling Phryne and want the world to fall apart. Seems like her character just collapsed in this episode. Because she wasn’t the beloved daughter and instead just a key symbolic figure she feels the need to continue this system? When she inevitably gets killed I’m probably not going to feel too bad about it.

I’ll say good on Clain for making a charge to save Nessa even if it was a bit crazy. At least when the time came he was able to fight to protect what mattered to him. Sadly it seems like things are only going to get worse here. With Barrot talking about what they’ve done to Phryne and having her on the other side of that barrier it’s not looking good. It seems we might be moving to a less than happy ending here. Do wonder if we’re in store for that fusion between Phryne and Nessa that’s been talked about. It just wouldn’t be right to lose either or both of those girls. I just hope they can find a way to end the series without paying a high price.

One thought on “Fractale – 10”

  1. I guess it’s to be expected that all of the Phryne clones are unbalanced, even the arch priestess, given how Barrot seems to treat them like his playthings. I’m annoyed too that Phryne went back to the Temple to try and negotiate, but I guess it wouldn’t be much of a series finale if her, Nessa, and Clain just sat around the patio sipping tea. :p

    While Dias seems to be getting set up as the morally ambiguous freedom fighter, I also have a feeling that he’s a double agent. He still has a Fractale terminal, and has opened a route for all of Lost Millennium to surge into the temple. Maybe the plan was to draw them all in, and wipe out all resistance after the key is forged? Would be an interesting twist if true, though I’d be disappointed if Phryne / Nessa don’t destroy the Fractale network at this point.

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