Fractale – 09

Lost Millennium goes to war and a promise is made between Clain, Nessa, and Phryne.


Well things are definitely quickly advancing towards the conclusion for the series. Nessa and Clain are racing into the middle of the chaos to try and get to Phryne before it’s too late. Of course you knew that those three couldn’t just sit on the sidelines and let others decide the fate of the world. Whatever happens those three are going to be key to deciding it. All of that is thanks to Phryne still not learning a thing and running off on her own. She should have known that those two would chase after her the second that they found that letter. Plus if she thinks it’s even possible to talk to that ‘father’ of hers and stop this then clearly she is nuts. That guy doesn’t give a damn about those girls and won’t be swayed by any argument that Phryne gives him.

I did like the bond that was developed some more in this episode between Nessa, Clain, and Phryne. They really are becoming a closer trio and I find it hard to want any ending other than the three of them staying together. This is some alternate future and I see no issue with the three of them continuing like that going forward. They care about each other which is obvious and that’s good enough for me. I have to give Clain credit in calming Nessa down after she freaked out in the room. You can’t blame the girl after what they saw, but good that he could deal with her fears. Not having the same kind of body as everyone else would make her pretty afraid of vanishing. I really hope for the best when it comes to those three. Clain has come a long way and I think he deserves to stay together with those he cares about like he wished.

But in the larger picture things are getting pretty busy. I had no idea that the Grand Priestess was a clone like Phryne and the others. It’s kind of scary that Phryne’s ‘father’ is apparently one of the highest ranking people in the entire place. No wonder the system is falling apart with a creepy pervert like him in charge. Can’t help but hope Lost Millennium does their best in this fight. I’m fine with a fight that takes it to the enemy and doesn’t go drawing innocents into the middle of the gunshots. Of course Lost Millennium is scary since each group has their own leaders and beliefs. You could easily see a civil war if they win between the groups to decide whose ideals will reign over the world. Still I’d rather have those guys fighting amongst themselves than a group of people who would clone and sacrifice girls to maintain their system.

Too bad for Enri that she just can’t get her words together with Clain. She’s been on his case so long that going tsundere on him now will be tough. Though if she wants to try and join the Clain harem that’s fine. Nessa likes her and I’m sure Phryne realizes that she has some interest. Though of course I’d be surprised if anything really happens since Clain isn’t aware and she is walking into the middle of a huge battle. Good luck to her in surviving this.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the series is going to turn out. There are a lot of issues to take care of, but of course I’m just worried mostly about the characters surviving.

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