Gosick – 10

Victorique struggles against her cold while Kujo continues searching for the truth.


I think Kujo really needs to work on improving his memory. I sometimes wonder how his grades were good enough to get transferred at all. Brian Roscoe was mentioned several times in the last arc, you’d think Kujo could recall him. Still makes you think this Brian could easily be Victorique’s Moriarty. He at least claimed to be related to the Gray Wolves and might actually be connected. The guy is also likely with Victorique’s mother and she was probably the woman Roscoe talked about in this episode. Plus for some reason he decided to mess with Kujo by stealing his books. Besides I’m sure a guy posing as a magician is a good foe for a logical detective anyways.

Despite Kujo’s memory issues I was kind of impressed with him this time. He managed to get Ruji to cooperate and even directed Anastasia to the police station. Of course I’m not lost on the irony of a Russian girl named Anastasia showing up shortly after the Russian Revolution. Let imagination decide if she is ‘The Anastasia’, but regardless it was kind of interesting. While Kujo and Grevil aren’t the sharpest guys, they still manage to get the job done. It’s pretty good that they handled so much of this case before Victorique was called in to help finish it off. While Kujo didn’t directly fight anyone this arc he did step up and do his best to help solve it.

Didn’t think we would be diving into human trafficking like this. To be fair the first arc did have those orphans being kidnapped and put on a death trap, but this was still on a different level. Clearly they’ve been taking foreign kids and selling them to these wealthy people. Not sure if it’s for cheap labor or something really creepy. Just for that I’m glad this group got shut down. They didn’t have enough with just stolen artwork, they had to resort to auctioning off kids. No wonder that Anastasia girl was so messed up.

Victorique as always was pretty cute. She really pushed herself while sick to try and help. It’s clear also how much she cares about Kujo and appreciates his thanks. Grevil is right that Kujo has a remarkable position. He can turn to her during tough situations and she will figure out the truth for him. Funny to find out that the spiral was likely compensation for her helping out in a case. That was a rough nightmare she had and just reminds you that she had a very rough past. The gift though from Kujo really touched her and shows how his actions can affect her so much. Using a glass shoe as a pipe holder, yeah that definitely fits Victorique.

So this was a pretty good arc while short. A corrupt group got shot down and children like Anastasia and Ruji get off the streets. There is definitely nothing wrong with how things turned out here.

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