Puella Magi Madoka Magica – 10

Homura first learns of what a Puella Magi is and is introduced into it’s world by Mami and Madoka.




Last episode was big, but it wasn’t yell at your screen and almost pull your hair out big. This episode was, at least for me.

It was obvious already that Homura was a time traveler, I believe actually stated that she was. However knowing that and seeing what she actually went through are two completely different things. I never imagined that it was this big of a deal. I thought that things happened like they did in the current timeline, except in the end Homura just goes back, kind of like at the most recent past but I didn’t think of having all these other pasts that she’s lived through over and over again.

Seeing Homura like she was I the very beginning as shy and awkward was very very cute and funny but in another way, it was actually really horribly sad and depressing. It shows how much the events she went through changed her into what she is now, a hard thinking cold emotionless calculated person. Obviously she’s not emotionless though, she’s doing all this because she cares for her only friend she had in the past, Madoka, but still she has changed and its sad in a way.

I really was amazed at how many times Homura went through all those things, seeing her learn to grow and fight. Being taught by Mami and Madoka was just so weird because of how she is in the present. I loved the part where she walked into the gang’s hideout and just started storing weapons. Even cooler was the most recent past Walpurgis Night where she walked into a giant warehouse of guns and pulled out some giant machine gun. Now THAT’s a magical girl.

The big question here is how is the present going to be any different from the most recent past Walpurgis Night? In that one it was just Homura as a Puella and Madoka as a normal girl and Homura couldn’t defeat it so Madoka changed, beat it and Homura didn’t like that outcome so she tried again, because as Kyubey said if Madoka becomes a Puella, she’ll become a witch that will destroy the world and that isn’t very good. So, with the circumstances leading up to the fight being identical, just having Madoka and Homura around with only Homura as a Puella, things seem to be the exact same. There is no knowledge that Homura has gained in the present that she didn’t know of before. Everyone who died is still dead it really seems like it’ll just repeat itself again. Obviously the only actual solution to this problem is for Madoka to not become a Puella, because if she does Homura will just turn things back again. She has to make a wish to not become a Puella or so that entropy is not an issue and thus her Puella wish doesn’t turn her into a Puella or something, because as it stands things aren’t looking good.

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  1. If you watch carefully, after Madoka one-shots the Walpurgis it cut to a scene where QB and Homura are looking at this HUGE black mountain. That’s actually Madoka in witch form and she’s about to screw the world over a course of ten days. Since a previous Madoka asked Homura to prevent just that she deems this timeline lost and her mission failed. Reset.

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