Puella Magi Madoka Magica – 09

Kyoko takes Madoka with her to take on Sayaka’s witch.


Kyubey is the best bad guy ever. The best bad guys never think they are evil themselves. In all stories, anime or not the best villains never view themselves as the villains. They believe what they are doing is right and that what they are doing is for the better of the grand scheme of things and it really seems that Kyubey fits perfectly into that. He isn’t turning girls into witches and having people die for no reason. He isn’t doing it to cause harm or to further his own gain; he is doing it for the better of the entire universe. Now, that’s not to say what he is doing is 100% commendable, but damnit it’s a pretty damn good excuse for his actions and makes it easy to see his side of things.

So let me just play devil’s advocate here in favor of Kyubey. At first I didn’t like him as it seemed like what he was doing was simply evil for evils sake. He was either using these souls to power himself up or making Puellas simply so there could be witches to cause harm and chaos. But after his explanation he is the good guy who isn’t afraid to sacrifice the few for the greater good. “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few” It’s a moral question that has existed for a long time, is it alright to kill one person to save two, or one person to save a thousand? It may not be pretty, it may seem like a bad thing to do “There has to be a better way” is what main characters always end up saying and try to circumvent it but in the meantime those thousand people may die while you’re trying to find a way to save a thousand and one. Kyubey is making the hard decision to kill off the occasional little girl to save millions of lives throughout the universe. So, is killing one person really that horrible if you save a thousand people, or a million people, or more? I’m not answering that one myself but it shines light of Kyubey and really makes him not evil, just doing what he believes is right for the greater good. As Kyubey said, they are only doing this to people who agree to it and in exchange for their sacrifice they give them any wish they want.

Now, getting to the episode itself…they seem to not be slowing down. With only twelve episodes in this show almost none of them have been for nothing. Of course Kyoko dying was a big deal but didn’t really feel like it was the most important part. Kyoko was always kind of on the sidelines for the major issues like Madoka’s feelings and only helped a little in Sayaka’s descent into madness. Still, it sucks that she died.

The biggest thing from this episode is basically where it puts us in terms of what is going to happen next. The only characters left are Madoka and Homura and there is this upcoming Walpurgis Night which Homura can’t take on alone. This means either Madoka will become a Puella or Homura will die, and I really wouldn’t be surprised if Homura died from the way things are going. The big question will be if they do any kind of time travel again. I’m guessing that in the past something similar happened where they were all kind of screwed and Madoka become a Puella and her wish was to reset things or something or to send Homura back to prevent it. Well, it doesn’t really seem like anything has been prevented so something different will have to happen now which means these deaths will be permanent. On one hand, I like that. It means that those deaths weren’t meaningless and shows that whatever they end up doing to stop this system or defeat the Walpurgis is meaningful and the sacrifices meant something for that cause. However if they do reset things and bring some people back, perhaps as them having no knowledge of Puella Magi stuff, I would be ok with that too. The main thing is where things go from here.

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