Fractale – 08

Clain receieves medical care and learns more about Phryne.


This is definitely a little late, but I guess with all that’s been happening few are that focused on anime developments.

But still a pretty big episode for the series. We finally got some more insight into things, though there is still a lot left in the dark. I had no idea that Phryne had that kind of past behind her. I thought something extreme might have been done to her, but this was still pretty bad. The clone thing is pretty hard to believe, but that her ‘father’ has to check presumably her virginity to make sure she still qualifies as a key is pretty disturbing. No wonder she had that reaction when jumped on like that and has that kind of opinion of herself. What’s really scary is that there were so many of those Phyrne’s that existed just to be destroyed by that machine. The whole thing just seems crazy. Sure some of them are pretty lax when it comes to expressing emotions, but just creating them to kill them like that….Makes me want to support the idea of destroying that system even if I disagree with some of the methods Lost Millennium uses. I can now understand Phryne wanting to destroy the system.

I felt bad for the Phryne at the end who pointed the way. She was a good person who was starting to develop and now will likely have gotten killed in that place. I’d be surprised if Clain and Phryne could reach her. Just getting that bandage really changed the girl and I think if she does die it’s going to hurt Clain. Didn’t think I could hate Dias’s group anymore than I already do, but here we are. The guy just ran in there blowing things up. He knew that the Sunda was looking for something or someone and he still tried to blow the place up.

I’m actually surprised Sunda went so far as to try and join together the other branches to deal with this situation. At least we now know there are at least 4 groups including Sunda. He and Dias are the only younger ones with a middle aged man and an older guy running the other groups. It seems getting them to even consider working together is tough. Really wonder if they can actually bring down the Fractale system if they can’t even set up common standards or work together.

I think that Nessa also deserves a lot of credit in this episode. She has really shown some amazing abilities lately and is definitely an important figure in the world. The girl just blasted her way off the airship and into the facility. Then Nessa just starts destroying things in her frustrated search to find Clain. We’ve gotten to see hints at what Nessa is capable of and it’s clear how much she cares about Clain. Should have a big role as events move forward.

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