Gosick – 09

Victorique catches a cold and Kujo heads to the capital to do some shopping.


Well we learned something important in this episode, Gevil’s hair is not a lethal weapon. That was a close call for Kujo since that hair could have killed him.

Anyways will have to say Victorique as always is a very cute character. I liked the touch of her trying to hide her hands from Kujo since they were still injured. Has her own pride and doesn’t want him to see her hands until they are better. Of course that was hardly the end of her cute side with her behavior after getting the kimono, the song, and messing up when putting the kimono on. Guess she didn’t read enough books on how to do that part. It really is nice to see the softer side of Victorique. Feel bad that she got sick, but she even makes that pretty cute. Love the banter with the note Kujo read along with the instructions and her short response. Being sick I’m sure she would have liked him to stay by her side, but that wasn’t possible. Will also say the scene with the needle was pretty fun considering her reaction to getting stuck with it.

Well Kujo and Grevil prove that they are a terrible combination. Really they need Victorique to kind of hold their hands through a mystery. Kujo should have found it a bit suspicious that they would be selling paperweights on the top floor, with no cashiers, and looks like a room where they sell real jewelry. He only found it a bit strange when a girl in a box freaked out and grabbed him. Still at least he went and tried to get help. But he came back to be fooled by the old wallpaper trick that was already used on the Queen Berry. At least some poor kid managed to point this out to him. But Grevil should really take Kujo’s concerns more seriously. He mostly left to get away from the room. After all that’s happened he should believe Kujo ahead of most people.

Hopefully Kujo is alright. He’s the fighter of the combination so if he can’t get himself out of this pinch than it’s all over. Sadly with Victorique sick and not allowed to leave in the first place, Kujo is on his own. Kujo really has wondered into a very strange situation here. Clearly this group has the original blue rose and is probably responsible for the theft of the artwork that was mentioned before. Though I’m not sure why they are apparently kidnapping children who fit certain types. Could say they are trying to use them as mannequins though I’m not sure why. Does that help in smuggling goods? Mannequins that run away wouldn’t be very useful and if you kill them then they will eventually rot and that will be messy. It’s probably pretty obvious to some what’s going on, but I’m still putting it together.

Will see how the situation continues to unfold next episode.

2 thoughts on “Gosick – 09”

  1. For this episode, I agree. Kujo and Grevil are a terrible combination, but mostly, its because of how easily Grevil tends to give up. Anyone could see that something odd was going on, especially if EVERYONE refused to acknowledge ever seeing Kujo.

    Grevil is quite the idiot though, and going to him has cost Kujo dearly. he’s been captured, with even Victorique not aware of the danger he’s in.

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